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A fair amount of interest seemed to spark at the suggestion of a Pokémon League for this site, and so here it is. At first, this will be a simple set of eight "Gym Leaders" but if interest is high enough and this proves successful, then an Elite 4 may be added, and possibly even another set of eight gym leaders (Similar to Kanto and Johto in GSC/HGSS). So, allow me to introduce the:

What is it?

The PKMN.net Gym Challenge is (or will be) a set of 8 members as the gym leaders, which challengers may battle in an attempt to earn their gym badge. Any member can apply to be a gym leader, although people applying must remember there's quite a bit of commitment involved.

Cool, how do I become a gym leader?

Glad you asked, as all eight gyms currently available have been taken, you must win your way into the league. To do this, you must collect all eight gym badges and then you will kick the bottom person off. The only exception to this is if you want someone else's type, in which case you may kick one of the bottom 4 off and take their type.

Okay, you mentioned a 'Gym Thread', what's that?

A gym thread is the place where you keep all the rules for your gym and where challengers can arrange a time to battle you. This thread must answer the following questions about your gym:
-> Single, Double, Triple or Rotation battle?
-> How many Pokémon? (Minimum 3, Maximum (surprisingly) 6)
-> Are Mega Evolutions allowed in your gym?
-> Which clauses are in effect? (e.g. Sleep Clause, OHKO clause)
-> Which Medium are you using? (Wifi or Simulator, if simulator which one?)
-> ROUGHLY what times can you battle? (Preferably in GMT because that's kinda the neutral time)

They should also contain any other rules you wish to enforce, following these guidelines:
-> Any ban on a pokemon must be justified - You can't just ban Quagsire because your team with all electric moves can't beat it.
-> If you ban any weather, you must ban all weather (this is to avoid Water Gym Leaders banning Drought, Snow Warning and Sand Stream but leaving Drizzle unbanned and stuff)
-> If possible, avoid banning a pokemon when eliminating OP things. For example don't ban Talonflame, ban Gale Wings - Don't ban Kangaskhan, ban Kangaskhanite.

Optional things that would be nice:
-> Gym Badge image to recognise those that beat your gym
-> Trainer Sprite for your gym leader

IMPORTANT EDIT: One pokemon in a gym leaders team may be a type other than their own. No people with crazy volkner teams please.

I wanna be a gym leader but someone took my type

You can do one of two things - choose a different type or wait till all eight gyms are taken and collect all eight gym badges. Once you've collected all eight, then you get to knock a gym leader of their spot, but only one of the four lowest ranking ones (ie the ones with the worst Win to Loss ratio)

I think that gym leaders banned something that shouldn't be banned, what should I do?

Post it here on this thread, and the other gym leaders and I can come to a conclusion on whether we believe it is indeed an unfair ban.

This gym leader is never available

Whilst most gym leaders will endeavour to fulfil battle requests, time zones and life can make this difficult. If a particular gym leader is very rarely taking requests then we may have to remove his gym leader-hood. Of course, this would only happen if it was ridiculously common. We recognise that sometimes unexpected things will happen in life, and so if you really need to leave pkmn.net for a few weeks, your gym leader position can be held for a maximum of 6 weeks, as long as you say in advance.

Current Gym Leaders

Hahex and Oshawott - Water - Thread here
what the heck come after six??? - Electric - Thread here
Liam - Ground - Thread here
Richard and Blaziken - Fighting - Thread here
Awkward Squirtle - Fire - Thread here
Spriter - Steel - Thread here
ShinyBlaziken2000 - Dark - Thread here
aMartini607 - Flying - Thread here

Another Important edit: Any threads that are linked to here are accepted and so the gym leaders can accept challenges whenever they're ready.

Instructions for challengers

Unlike the games, these gyms have no set order, so there's no need to collect the badges in a specific order, although once the gyms have been running for a while I will put up an order of how hard they are based on W:L Ratio.

As a challenger, your team just have two pokemon that are ALWAYS in your team. They must beat every gym with those two pokemon in your team to win the league. Edit: As was brought to light later in thread, the two pokemon you are keeping the same must be PMed to me BEFORE the second fight (because before the second you've only had one team anyways)/edit. Your other 1-4 (depending on the gym), however, may be changed from gym to gym. Why must two stay the same, you may wonder? This is because gym leaders are locked into one type, so it's incredibly easy to counter them, however if you have only 4 spaces to do this it makes it a little more level of a playing field.

To earn badges, you go to the gym's thread and challenge the leader. You must beat them in a battle by their rules. If you succeed, they'll grant you the badge, if not then don't worry, you can arrange another challenge.

Challengers to date

Sappy - 6 Badges
OpalRhea - 1 Badge
A Wild Scrafty - 3 Badges
Richard & Blaziken - 7 Badges
JSM - 5 Badges
SeñorSaucy - 1 Badge
ShinyBlaziken2000 - 1 Badge

Gym Leader League table

Richard:  10 Wins 3 Losses (83%)
Spriter: 3 Wins  4 Losses (44%)
bread: 2 Win 3 Losses (40%)
Hahex: 1 Win 3 losses (25%)
Squirtle: 1 Win 3 Losses (25%)
SB2K: 1 Win 4 Losses (20%)
aMartini: 0 Wins 1 Loss (0%)
Liam: 0 Wins 3 Losses (0%)

Badges Available

Hahex and Oshawott:
Woohoo, an official thread finally up and running! I'd like to take a water type gym if possible :)

the bread dragon:
if possible id like to have the electric type please! 

and where would be posting the gym threads? id assume wireless activities, but not entirely sure


--- Quote from: Hahex and Oshawott on December 31, 2013, 02:22 ---Woohoo, an official thread finally up and running! I'd like to take a water type gym if possible :)

--- End quote ---

Absolutely, I'll add you to the currently non-existing list xD

--- Quote from: bread on December 31, 2013, 03:00 ---if possible id like to have the electric type please! 

and where would be posting the gym threads? id assume wireless activities, but not entirely sure

--- End quote ---

Yeah, in wireless activities, and I'll add you to the non-existent list also.

Also, I've just noticed the two you chose happen to be the two I used as examples in the rules xD (Water in the weather bit and electric in the banning pokemon bit)

can I have ground?


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