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The Dark Type Gym (Current Leader: ShinyBlaziken2000)

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Hi, this is the dark type gym! I'm the leader (for now), ShinyBlaziken2000.

You might say that the newest type makes it harder for us to cope. Then I'd have to say you're wrong. So, let's battle and have some fun. Who knows? You may win, you may lose. If no success comes to you, keep your head up and try again. Now, let's battle!


Battle style- Single battles.

Number of Pokemon- 6 pokemon a side (may change as I build my team)

Mega evolutions- As per usual, one mega evolution a side.

Clauses in effect-

Sleep clause- No more than one pokemon on the opponent's team can be asleep at a time.

OHKO clause- OHKO Moves are banned.

Weather Clause- No weather changing moves or abilities.

Evasion Clause- Evasion altering (raising or lowering) moves, items, and abilities are banned.

Freeze clause- No more than one pokemon on the opponent's team may be frozen. Enacted without control.

Moody clause- The ability moody is banned

All legends (No worries, I won't use any either.)
Speed Boost (on anything)
Gale Wings
Mewtwoite X
Mewtwoite Y

Medium- I will use a simulator run by smogon. This simulator is called Pokemon Showdown.

Challenge times
Mon-Fri: 20:30-2:00 GMT
Sat-Sun: 19:00-2:00 GMT

You can battle me once a day.

Please note that my schedule can be kinda last minute notice so this is subject to change

If you win, you get my badge:

Credit to Shaymin for the trainer and badge sprites.



Certified trainers:
Richard and Blaziken

sans the skeleton:
in regards to blaziken

--- Quote from: RubyRobin on December 31, 2013, 01:57 ----> Any ban on a pokemon must be justified - You can't just ban Quagsire because your team with all electric moves can't beat it.

--- End quote ---

blaziken's part fighting
dark is weak to fighting


--- Quote from: Poison2007 on January 01, 2014, 14:09 ---in regards to blaziken

blaziken's part fighting
dark is weak to fighting

--- End quote ---

Blaziken is quite often banned though, so I think it's fairly justified, but what I would say is that only Speed Boost Blaziken needs to be banned (that includes the mega that always has speed boost), because I don't think there's anything wrong with Blaze Blaziken. (Under the following rule: "If possible, avoid banning a pokemon when eliminating OP things. For example don't ban Talonflame, ban Gale Wings - Don't ban Kangaskhan, ban Kangaskhanite.")

Alright, I just gave that a thought. Let me fix that and add a few things.

Is this accepted?

If so I'd like to take it on.


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