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Water Type Gym (Current Leader: Hahex and Oshawott) 4/1/14 ADDED ITEM CLAUSE

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Hahex and Oshawott:

FC: 2621-3543-5368
Hello all everybody, like many of you I reside in the GMT time zone so it would be great if you could keep that in mind when you challenge me. I am currently in full time education so it may be a bit difficult to sort out a time slot but it should be possible to work around that. We'll use single battle normal rules, so we all get autoleveled to 50, on Pokemon X or Y for the Nintendo 3DS.

And now for some more rules:

-No Über tier pokemon
-Evasion and OHKO moves, items, abilities or otherwise are banned
-6v6, standard one mega evolution on each side
-Kangaskhanite, Blazikenite and Gengarite are banned
-Speed Boost and Gale Wings variants of Blaziken and Talonflame repsectively are banned, as well as Moody and Swift Swim.
-Item Clause, no two pokemon may hold to same item

Looking forward to the upcoming battles, everyone!

Sappy44Richard and BlazikenJSMDel
EDIT: Due to popular demand, I guess I'm also available on pokemon showdown. but if you battle me in game and win , i'll give you a nice 4-5 IV tentacool or whatever the hell i'm breeding atm

Awkward Squirtle:
Aren't there like 4 ubers atm? Or is that Gen V's ubers?

Yeah, I'd assume Hahex means no Gen 6 Ubers.

Any chance you can put your team on Showdown and battle on there?

Hahex and Oshawott:

--- Quote from: Sappy on January 03, 2014, 15:38 ---Any chance you can put your team on Showdown and battle on there?

--- End quote ---
As I've said before, my team is also on showdown and I will be able to accept challengers through that medium as well.


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