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Showdown Issue?


Awkward Squirtle:
There's another showdown topic, I don't think this counts as advertising.

OK, I installed the video thing as it didn't seem to work without it, but it's applied some strange addons to my google chrome I can't seem to change? Anyone else got this/know how to fix it?

Well, I had the same thing. What I did was I uninstalled any strange add-ons and deleted them from wherever they were, and that seemed to work.

I assume you've got the search provider thing too? If you do, just set what you had before as your main search provider and it should get rid of it (so for example, make sure you set google or bing or whatever you use as your default search provider).

Those things seemed to work for me.

Awkward Squirtle:
Ha, bing...

It's fine, dw, i fixed it, and online seems to be working now. I think I found all the adware and killed it with fire deleted it.



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