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Richard and Blaziken:
Edit: Apparently we already had this thread. Didn't notice until after I posted all this. Still, it's an inactive thread, so...

With how easy it has become to breed and raise competitive Pokemon, why not have a thread where people that are looking to put them to use can actually do so? Here's how it will work. You post that you're looking for a battle, or find someone else looking for the same kind of battle that has posted here recently, and accept their challenge. You can then PM each other about specifics, such as meeting time for the battle, and additional rules if you'd like. Here's the way you should post battle offers:

FC: Your 3DS FC
Battle Style: Singles, Doubles, Triples, Rotation
Tier and Tier List NU, RU, UU, OU, or Ubers? Smogon tiers?
Time Zone and availability: What time zone are you in, and when would be best for you to battle?
Replays: Are you okay with people posting a replay code for the match?
Other: Anything else?


FC: 1547-5283-8177
Battle Style: Singles
Tier and Tier List Smogon OU
Time Zone and availability: GMT -6; I'm available this Friday and Saturday!
Replays: Replays are fine by me. Show everyone how you can freeze me with one Ice Punch!
Other: Nothing I can think of


Ooooohohoho! What a great news! Time to post my stuff!

FC: 1418-6798-1465
Battle Style: Singles, preferably lvl 100 ones.
Tiers: Smogon OU, Smogon Übers.
Time Zone and availability: GMT +1, almost always.
Replays: No, I don't want to be pwnd badly ;3
Other: My in-game name is TrollJosep.

Won't want to much atm as I have exams, but I've got half term the week after next and then I'll have much more time because it's summerrrrrrr xD

FC: 3566-1602-6874
Battle Style: Any
Tiers: Battle Spot, Any others people want
Time Zone & Availability: GMT, And most of the time, although next week I'll be at 6th form 9-4, but after that it's pretty much 9am-11pm availability
Replays: Only if I win Yeah, sure
Other: IGN is Richard because apparently some viewers may find 'Dick' offensive >_> Stupid GF xD

FC: 0602-6661-8443
Battle Style: Up to you, I'm generally good with anything.
Tiers: Smogon OU, Smogon UU.
Open time: Saturdays 17:00 to 2:00 Server time, Sundays 18:00 to 2:00 server time. Weekdays (good luck, pm me about that).
Replays: I actually ask you to post them, so yes.
Other: My schedule is very erratic, so PM me about it and set up a few hours in advance (at least). If I have to cancel, don't get mad, I'm just very busy.

FC: 3067 - 6449 - 6265
Battle Style: Singles mainly, or doubles or triples for fun
Tiers: Smogon OU, Smogon UU (for now), and set to level 50
Time Zone and availability: GMT/BST
Replays: Yes
Other: IGN is Brennica


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