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y'know, speculation!

What do you think? probably plot wise, or even just a simple refer to the pokemo's shapes, but it's probably got story with that.

i dunno, maybe image people know this more about me, but isn't 3D on a X pitch or a Y pitch or something, if I haven't just dreamed this maybe it's just a refer to it being 3D.

i mean the logo colours are red and blue what 3D usually associated with.

 Aren't there X and Y chromosomes or something?

 Maybe the two legendaries were split from the same pokemon or something, I dunno.

.~:Sly Foxx:~.:
Well, I have heard some references to it being based around DNA, especially what with the new Eevee evolution rumoured to be around the corner, and I would LOVE it if it was. But then, that might be a little heavy-handed for kids, so it depends how they handle it. If it IS to do with the 3D then maybe that's a sign that they're going to be moving the game to make the best use of the 3D screen, bring about something akin to the Distortion world, really make you think about where you are in space. That would be pretty awesome too.

Either way, Nintendo seems to gradually be moving down the route of having the names mean a little more than pretty patterns, if the last pair of games were anything to by. It's an interesting little twist, and I like it.

OR MAYBE when talking aobut the new games to the staff the director uses 'x' and 'y' as people do for generic un-assinghed values or if the names are reallly relevant and the staff mistook it for actual names!!!!!

.~:Sly Foxx:~.:
... I will agree. I found it very funny reading through the speculation thread every time someone mentioned the unknown variables as 'x'.

SPOILER ALERT: The game is an educational game to teach kids the basics of algebra. Pokemon are now captured by solving algebraic equations before you can throw a Pokeball.


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