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New Evolutions Speculation

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Utack and Swampy:
If we can evolve Eevee again, then the whole Pokemon world is open to new evolutions! So, what sort of evolutions do you think are coming, funny or otherwise?

Me? I'm thinking...

Wolf-Man Mightyena
Giant-crested Swellow

Your thoughts?

I want some totally badass noble swordsman type Farfetch'd evolution.

Smeargle desperately needs an evo, if the region is really based on France then it has to be done. Especially when you consider how low its stats are. I think it's the lowest-statted fully evolved Pokemon.

Angelic Lapras King:
I'm thinking the 4th and 5th Gen Pokemon will probably be "evolved" most, considering the 5th Gen had all new Pokemon.

Not to say they're won't throw in a Lapras baby/evolution too.... X3

Alpha Fenrir:
...There had better be an Absol evolution. If there isn't... There will be a reckoning. It needs to be faster.
I'd also like a Mightyena evolution too, but I'd prefer it to stay as a quadraped.
Aerodactyl evolution would also be cool, preferably dragon/rock type.


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