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Which Pokemon do YOU think should get a Mega Evolution?

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 Imagine how badass mega Machamp would look.

 5 arms on each side and his/her crest could become elongated. Maybe it could even hold it's belt in one hand to show how it has released it's power.

 Damn. I want MegaChamp.

Manaphy deserves to be a thing for one reason and I'm pretty sure you all know what that reason is.

Actually, I am quite sad that Megaweavile isn't a thing. That headcrest and those claws could have been used in some pretty amazing design.

Mega Dunsparce, just because.

mega rattata

not even mega raticate, just rattata

Mew King:

--- Quote from: Xagor on November 08, 2013, 14:19 ---Mega Dunsparce, just because.

--- End quote ---
Mega Luvdisc, for the same reason.  Then I can finally use my Shiny Luvdisc for something other than looking good.

Mega Pikachu, because it's the mascot.  It would be hilarious for it to have a Mega Evolution


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