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Have you caught any shinies?

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Have you caught any shinies yet in ORAS? If you have, which ones?

I just successfully caught my first ORAS shiny, which was a Wailmer, by chain fishing. It's one of my sister's favourite Pokemon and I know she really wanted one for her team on OR, so I can't wait to trade it to her tomorrow! She'll be so happy ^-^

Lord Raven:
I caught a Poochyena and it showed up cause i'm a boss

Richard and Blaziken:
I soft-reset in front of Reshiram 416 times and got a shiny Reshiram. It's got a crap nature (thanks Synchronize fail), but it's super awesome looking.

No, but I was wondering; Can anyone confirm/disprove that the DexNav's radar level increases the shiny chance? I don't want to spend forever trying if it's not true.

Taillow, Numel, Slugma, and most recently Pelipper.


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