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Title: Dark Days and Bright Nights - The Reimagining [Ad][Fu][P][J]
Post by: kindtocrows on May 13, 2016, 18:37
Since some interest was shown for starting this over again, here we go! The original topic is here (

Like before, expect violence in this role play.

If you were in the previous version, you may use the same character as before, but please repost your form in this topic, it helps me keep track of everything.

It had been about ten years since Kanto was taken over. An entire generation was growing up who had never even heard of pokemon trainers. Talking about pokemon training, pokemon battles, and anything related to the ownership of pokemon was illegal. Even simply mentioning pokemon was risky. The gym leaders and even the elite four and the champion were nothing more than figureheads, no longer possessing any sort of power. The new government, formerly an evil organization, seemingly no different from any of the other evil organizations throughout the world, ruled with an iron fist.

They didn’t seem so bad at first, in fact they were once welcomed into Kanto. Cinnabar Island was home to a volcano, which was known to be active, but thought to be safe enough to build a city on. That is, until the day the inevitable happened. Most were able to make it out okay, but there were casualties, the leader of the Cinnabar Gym being one of them. Cities all around Kanto did everything they could to help, taking refugees in until new houses could be built. However, some 'Good Samaritan' from another nation swooped in to help. They built a rather large refugee camp in Pewter, supposedly off of donations from their home nation. But once everything was starting to settle down, they didn’t leave. Instead, they become the new police force of Pewter. More and more frequently, disasters started occurring, with Kanto’s ‘friends’ always there to save the day. They became more of a presence throughout Kanto, saving cities from disasters and then buying the cities out. Soon, they were all throughout Kanto. They used their new influence to establish new laws; they declared pokemon too dangerous for citizens to have and banned training, legally taking pokemon away from their trainers. Soon, they had full control of the nation.

Now with two nations under their control, Kanto and Sinnoh, Team Galactic had gotten farther than any similar organization had before.

You are old enough to remember the times before this happened, and you want those times back. You, and a group of others with the same goal, plan to take them down. You’re not sure how to go about doing that, but you’re sure you’ll all come up with something.

Like before, everyone will have a partner pokemon, preferably from Kanto, but nothing is saying it has to be from there. There are no pokeballs, so the pokemon will have to be loyal to you. It should also be easy to hide, since keeping them is illegal.

Code: [Select]

[b]Name:[/b] your name and/or nickname
[b]Age:[/b] 17 or above
[b]Gender:[/b] whatever you want
[b]Appearance:[/b] what you look like and what you are wearing and carrying with you at the beginning
[b]Personality:[/b] what are you like? feel free to leave room for development
[b]History:[/b] this can be as long as you want. try to include how you and your pokemon have fared since the takeover
[b]Other:[/b] (optional) anything else you want to add

[u][b]Pokemon: [/b][/u]

[b]Nickname:[/b] if your pokemon has one
[b]Species:[/b] try to keep it within reason. The smaller and easier to hide, the better
[b]Gender:[/b] if applicable
[b]Starting level:[/b] try to keep this within reason. lv. 30 or lower is preferable.
your pokemon will grow during the rp
[b]Current moveset:[/b] please update as necessary
[b]Personality:[/b] NEW if you did a form for the last rp, please add this.
what is your pokemon like
[b]Other Details:(optional) any other details we might need to know

[b]Starter Post:[/b] we are meeting on the Vermilion entrance of Diglett Tunnel.
Tell us how you got there and what you do once there.
My character will already be there

Age should be 17 or above. Too much less and it gets iffy how much they can remember from 10 years ago. If your move set changes during the rp, please update your current moveset in your form.

Accepted Characters

Anise Black - Dusk(Gastly)  (dragoncat)
Cole Alexander - Thread(Buizel) (SirBlaziken)
Elle Vargas - Raze((sh)Charmeleon) (DisturbedHaxorus)
Cameron Hite - Sickens (Ekans) (E.K.A.N.S.)
Title: Re: Dark Days and Bright Nights - The Reimagining [Ad][Fu][P][J]
Post by: kindtocrows on May 13, 2016, 18:56
Well, here's my character again. I'm tweaking her a little, but she's more or less the same.


Name: Anise Black
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Appearance: She is about average height, has dark brown (could easily be mistaken for black), shoulder length hair, which she sometimes ties back. She has dark brown eyes. Her wardrobe consists of two dull coloured tee-shirts, a pair of jeans, a pair of shorts, and a pair of sneakers. She keeps whatever she isn’t wearing in a backpack that she keeps whatever supplies she thinks they’ll need in, usually hastily thrown in, making it quite disorganized.

Personality: She has a cheerful nature, though that has toned down significantly since the takeover, but it still manages to show through with her optimism. She feels a strong connection with Ghost types, because of how much time she spent with them. Lavender Town was a small town that wasn’t home to many families, so there weren’t many other children there, and those that were there were not close to her age, so she grew up a pretty solitary person. She doesn’t really like having too many people around, and she’s a little awkward, but when she is comfortable she is pretty easy going.

History: She spent a lot of time playing in Pokemon tower. She loved pokemon, but when she was young she wasn't allowed to leave the town, so the tower was the only place she could meet them. She was friends with all the pokemon in the tower, especially with a Ghastly she named Dusk and a Cubone she named Skully, who she called her best friends.

When Team Galactic bought the tower, they quickly captured almost all of the pokemon who lived in it, including Skully, but Dusk managed to escape. Thankfully, Ghost types are easier to hide than most other types, so keeping her a secret wasn’t hard. She and Dusk had stayed together ever since.

She is determined to find a way to free all of the tower’s pokemon and find Cubone, and hopefully, find a way to end Galactic’s reign of terror.


Nickname: Dusk
Species: Gastly
Gender: Female
Starting level: 23
Current moveset: Lick, Mean Look, Night Shade, Confuse Ray
Personality: Dusk is pretty much what you would expect of a Gastly, she is mischievous and playful, and enjoys pranks, which she often get in trouble for. She is very loyal to Anise and will usually listen to her. Usually. She hates the wind, she's afraid strong winds will blow her apart.

Starter Post:

Anise poked at the dying embers of a small fire she had made inside of Diglett’s Tunnel, near the Vermilion entrance, the meeting place she and the others decided on. It seemed the most accessible place to meet, since many towns and cities were close to one of the entrances, with most close to this one, and anyone closer to the Pewter entrance could simply make their way through the tunnel.

She was the first there; she poorly predicted how long it would take to get from Lavender Town to here, so she left too early. She sighed as she continued poking the embers with a stick. The stick caught fire and she threw it on top of the embers, and then grabbed the last few pieces of wood she had gathered and placed them in the renewed flame, bringing the fire back to its initial size. She was a little worried about GPF (Galactic Police Force) noticing her little camp fire, which would cause all sorts of problems, but she was situated safely in an alcove, deep enough into the tunnel to keep her completely hidden from anyone outside, and there was a light wind blowing into the tunnel, taking the smoke with it. She was more worried about the fact that she had no more firewood and the sun hadn’t set yet.
“Dusk,” she spoke to the Ghastly who was hovering a few feet away from her, farther into their hiding place to protect herself from the wind, “could you go collect some more firewood?”

Dusk gave her a look to say that Anise must be crazy if she thinks she is going out into the wind. “Oh, come on, there isn’t even that much wind,” she scoffed. Dusk simply glared at her in protest. The ‘conversation’ quickly became a staring contest between the two, until Dusk gave up and left to fulfill her request. “Thank you,” Anise responded, sounding rather satisfied with herself. She still sort of wondered how the Ghastly could pick things even though she was mostly just gas, but apparently it worked.

She hoped one of her friends would show up tonight, but she couldn’t be sure. Most, if not all of them lived in different towns and cities, so it would take some of them a few days to get here if they traveled by foot. She just hoped most of them would arrive around the same time, so they wouldn’t have to try to hide too many people and pokemon in the small alcove she hid in. At least she wouldn’t have to worry about Dusk, who knew to hide herself as soon as she heard someone coming.
Title: Re: Dark Days and Bright Nights - The Reimagining [Ad][Fu][P][J]
Post by: sans the skeleton on May 13, 2016, 22:57
(( yo, quick question thingy. i have a johto native who'd been on a journey prior to the whole takeover thing and entered kanto willingly once galactic had taken over under the guise of acting... except i'm not sure if she'd fit in, as per se? would she be a good character for the RP? maybe i should tone down... hmm, colour me interested though, i'll post an app in place of this post soon. If she's a bit too experienced I'll just nab another character with a murkrow or pidgey, prolly. ))
Title: Re: Dark Days and Bright Nights - The Reimagining [Ad][Fu][P][J]
Post by: kindtocrows on May 14, 2016, 04:31
She sounds interesting, I think she'd be okay, as long as her pokemon isn't too leveled, I had some problems with that last time.
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Post by: SirBlaziken on May 15, 2016, 00:00
Mind saving me a spot? I know what mon I want to use I just need to think of a character concept.
Title: Re: Dark Days and Bright Nights - The Reimagining [Ad][Fu][P][J]
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Sure, that shouldn't be a problem.
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Yeah, now I remember th likely reason the last thread died - lack of availability. I'll try logging in & checking more often. Just need to find a few minutes to rewrite my starter post on desktop.  :)
Title: Re: Dark Days and Bright Nights - The Reimagining [Ad][Fu][P][J]
Post by: SirBlaziken on May 24, 2016, 02:16

Name: Cole Alexander

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Appearance: He's about the average (thinking American) height and weight with messy brown hair and pale green eyes. Cole wears a pair of jeans with a couple of simple t-shirts, but that really doesn't matter since he usually wears a hoodie over it along with a beaten up pair of sneakers. He travels light supplywise despite the size of his backpack (see history).

Personality: Cole has always been a little subdued overall but is generally in a good mood and slow to make angry, because he's had to be since everything is a bit off and has been for a while. He also has a strong sense of justice, which was instilled in him by his father. Also, he doesn't really get embarrassed easily due to how he hid his pokemon (see history).

History: Cole is originally from Sinnoh, but got his buizel as a pet (of sorts) only a few months before his family moved to Kanto, and only a few months later (unbeknownst to them), Team Galactic seized Sinnoh. After pokemon were declared illegal, almost all of the pokemon were seized overnight. However, the buizel had slipped through the cracks because it looked oddly like a plushie model of the same pokemon. So this was how it was hid over the years, oddly enough never looked deteriorated (which honestly should've been a big tipoff. Luckily everyone was at the game corner or didn't look closely enough). Over time, though, Cole's mom helped him and his pokemon develop the disguise better (like helping it learn to sit eerily still, ruffling the fur up....etc.) so that is was more believable. It's not perfect, but it fools most people. Cole heard about this huge undertaking and decided to slip out of the city to join the group.

Other: N/A


Nickname: Thread (keeping with the plushie thing)

Species: Buizel

Gender: M

Starting level: 24

Current moveset: Sonicboom, Aqua Jet, Aqua Ring, Tail Slap

Personality: Thread is usually calm, due to the massive amounts of time it spends practically frozen in time. However, if the coast is clear, his true colors show, that being a playful and high energy mon, almost like a small child. (leaving it simple because I don't know how to explain this better).

Other Details: As stated above, he hides as a stuffed toy/plushie version, so the fur is a little softer and more ruffled. Plus this will require advance warning to pull off (such as stowing away in the bag). If not battling or hiding, he usually rides of Cole's shoulders it's kinda cute actually.

Starter Post:

((My speech for my own reference will be in navy))

"Just a little further....." Cole says to himself in a hushed whisper. He sneaks along, keeping a close eye out of the GPF. They were a less lax than they were in Celadon, meaning that he couldn't just waltz along. Cole had set out that morning and had eaten little since he had left. To his relief, the police hadn't shown up. However, a voice rang out:


Cole stops dead in his tracks, and a policeman walks out of his hiding place. "What are you doing out here at this hour with that bag, mister?" he asks in a very suspicious and harsh tone. "I'm just passing through, is there a problem?" Cole replies, attempting to keep a respectful tone. The policeman stares at him for a moment, then responds "Yes, because you shouldn't be out at this hour for your own safety." empathizing the last part. "I, however, would be glad to let you through if you would let me search your bag." Without waiting for a reply, the policeman takes the bag from Cole and goes through it. "Shirt....socks.....wait. What in the hell?" He lifts what appears to be a plushie buizel out of the bag. "Aren't you a little old to be carried around a stuffed toy?" he asks in a cruel a mocking tone with a sneer on his face. Cole swiftly replies "It's not of any trouble is it?" The policeman looks it over, then puts everything back and hands the bag back to him, and simply walks away snickering. Cole rolls his eyes and continues on.

Not too long after that, he looks around and walks into the designated cave. A fire is going and a girl is already there. Cole sits down and sets his bag down on the ground beside him. "The coast is clear." he whispers. Seconds later, a buizel emerges from the bag and sits in his lap. Cole looks around, deciding to see if anyone else would arrive, not knowing what to say.
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Looks good. Just one thing, Galactic would have taken over Sinnoh at least a couple years before Kanto, so did Cole's family move to Kanto before Galactic took over Sinnoh? It would still work, but in order to have a Sinnoh pokemon, they would have had to move then. You don't have to change anything, I just wanted to clear that up.

Anyway, since no more people have shown interest, I think we can get started as soon as DisturbedHaxorus and Poison are done their forms. No rush though, I don't mind waiting, gives me more time to plan things.

If anyone else in interested, say so now so I know to wait for you.
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I'll edit that a tad in order for that to make more sense, and I might possibly bump the topic in a few days if no one else comments.

Edit: And done
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Thanks, looks good now, I don't see any problems.

Also, just to make note of this here, I'm going allow people to join after we start if they want to. Not sure yet if I'd have them pm me their form or post it in the old topic, since that won't be used anymore. I'll try to keep this alive as long as I can, so I may write people out if they become inactive and do interest checks when things become quiet instead of just letting it die. I'll try to only let it die when people are no longer interested at all, not because we got stuck on something. Or if we somehow reach our goal and everyone is satisfied with it ending. Either way, I want it to end when everyone wants it to end, not when we hit a wall.
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Post by: SirBlaziken on May 25, 2016, 01:54
As you've previously seen with me, I probably won't drop off until there's like no one else posting and I don't want to double post/don't have anything to post. You'll at least have 1 person in this

Also please note that in July, i'll be gone for a few days on vacation (or that's the plan at least).
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Post by: E.C.A.M.B.S. on May 25, 2016, 05:21
I'd like to join, but I'm busy so it's unlikely that I'll have my form done tomorrow or the day after.
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Oh, sure! That's no problem, I don't mind waiting.
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Pow! That took long enough.


Name: Elle Vargas

Age: 20

Gender: Female

Appearance: 5'5, lean build. Often assumed to be harmless because of this, but can beat someone within an inch of their life if threatened. Incredibly pale,  has naturally straight waist-length scarlet hair and bright blue eyes. Wears tight, faded jeans with several cuts in the right thigh, dark gray T-shirt and sneakers, and dons a black hooded sweatshirt in cold weather or "night ops". She keeps a five-inch knife strapped to her leg under her pants, a lockpicking set in one of her shoes,  and a broken mega ring on a  silver chain around her neck.

Personality: Resourceful and quick-witted. She's sometimes mistaken to be cold and distant, but this has always been when she was occupied with studying and tracking a target. When not on the job, Elle is wily and amiable, at least on the outside. Beneath the surface, though, her mind just never stops analyzing people, trying to discern how best to take their belongings or win them over as an ally. Her outwardly easygoing nature has made her quite a few friends and contacts in the dark underbelly of Celadon and its neighboring Saffron. In social situations, she is constantly joking with, and teasing, people. She operates well under pressure, moving quickly if put in a tight spot but still keeping her head and putting it to work finding a way to get out unscathed... and making sure any adversaries don't leave that way.

History: Elle grew up in the streets of Celadon's bad side, fleeing from a group home when she was small. She made her way as a pickpocket forn the first few years, then graduated to b&e. At the age of six, she discovered the abandoned basement of the game Corner while looking for a place to stay. After a short time wandering around, she came across a tiny yellow lizard locked in a cage, left behind after the Rockets cleared out. The oddly colored charmander became her constant companion, helping in her less-than-legal activities and occasionally taking a few battles for food-and-clothes money. Hers and her Pokemon's life were affected little when Galactic took over; the pair simply retreated underground for a while. As far as anyone can tell, she only joined in the rebellion for the fun of taking down a major crime organization.


Nickname: Raze
Species: (Sh) Charmeleon
Gender: Female
Starting level: 34
Current moveset: Flame burst, Ancientpower, dragon pulse, shadow claw (TM received as payment for winnig dissident battle tournament)
Other Details: Raze is absolutely ruthless in battle. Any opportunity to KO her opponent, no matter how cruel or unfair, is taken without hesitation - all the better to leave a foe incapacitated and unable to harm her companion. Outside of combat, she shares her trainer's wily nature, and loves to send small bursts of fire at people or Pokemon. She evolved just recently, after wiping out a flock of wild spearow during the pair's move to the Digglett tunnel.

Starter Post: The frigid night wind put a chill through the pair crouched at the edge of the woods. The figure on the right raised its hood, wisps of crimson hair flying around the edges of the cloth. The other simply raised its internal temperature, smoke rising from its nostrils as a flare at the end of the being's electric-yellow tail glowed for a moment before returning to a small jet of flame.
"I hate when you do that, you know... You'll give away our position."
The human reached out and grabbed the horn protruding from her companion's head and gave it a playful shake. A hissing rumble sounded from the creature's throat, and its tail thumped against the girl's back. She chuckled. "Whatever, Raze. Just wait a little longer. Five minutes, and I'll have you full of the best stuff this puny town has to offer."
Elle turned back to take in the city, almost sneering. Vermillion was tiny compared to what she'd seen all her life; the fishing town's tallest building was a lone hotel, and that was barely three floors. It didn't matter, anyway. They'd only be here for half an hour tops, then off to the meeting place. She was still a bit suspicious of that brunette's plan. How did she know the rest weren't Galactic's informants, sent to sniff her out? Who was to say they weren't just waiting for the right time, whenever that was? Then again, in the two years since she made payroll off of those stolen silph scopes, the organization hadn't been able to find her
The sound of Raze's impatient growl brought Elle out of her paranoid trance. What was wrong with her? If they hadn't tracked the stolen goods back to her by now, odds were they never would. Her eyes flicked over the city's dim lights once more, then she leaned in close to her partner. The near-invisible steam emanating from the lizard's flesh was blissfully warm; she was almost tempted to just snuggle the pokemon like she did when she was little. But there was work to be done.
"Alright," she whispered. "Here's your part..."

Some twenty minutes later, Vermilion City's police force was pacing around and inside a local couple's home, questioning the frightened pair and inspecting a large hole in one wall. What the thieves had taken, for this was clearly a robbery, wasn't nearly as troubling as the nature of the hole. Rather than having been broken, the glass was melted at the edges of the jagged opening. Whatever the cause, it had to be hot enough to vaporize glass and controlled enough to leave the house standing. The crime would go unsolved, but the residents and local law enforcement involved would puzzle about the incident for weeks to come.

Changed slightly, nothing major. Ready to roll, boss!
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Looks good! Though that's not really a surprise, since she was accepted before, haha.
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Can't wait for this to get started no, this isn't a bump post. yes it is....
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Post by: sans the skeleton on May 30, 2016, 17:32
 (( still interested, though ill join in later as ive ran into some things. the app is mostly done tho :D ))
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Post by: SirBlaziken on May 30, 2016, 18:49
Thanks for the update, as I didn't want dragoncat to go through the trouble of planning only for everyone to jump ship at the last moment.
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Post by: E.C.A.M.B.S. on May 31, 2016, 08:13
I'm almost done with my form.
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Okay, I guess we'll start once E.K.A.N.S. form is done. I don't mind waiting for you, poison, but I'm not sure about everyone else. I just don't want people losing interest if we don't start soon. If you want to jump in later, that's fine ^_^

I really hope that doesn't sound rude, I'm so sorry if it does
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Post by: E.C.A.M.B.S. on June 02, 2016, 07:09
Form is done


Name: Cameron Hite
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Appearance: Cam is 5’11” with dark gray eyes. Some of his light brown hair is spiked up, but rains have matted most of it down so that it hangs slightly over his forehead. He has on sneakers, jeans and a high-collared black leather jacket, under which he wears a white t-shirt. In his backpack he carries lighter clothing, including light green shorts and a black t-shirt with an Ekans design. He usually doesn’t wear this shirt because apparently it’s a “symbol of protest.”

Personality: Cam is passionate about ending Team Galactic’s reign, but instead of expressing hate for the organization, he channels this passion into his dramatic motions and manner of speaking. His exaggerated sense of adventure is so ridiculous that it’s almost amusing. On the outside, he doesn’t seem to take things very seriously.

History: Cam lived in Cerulean City his whole life, while his father worked for some shady organization in Celadon City. Ekans had been a gift for his upcoming 10th birthday. It was going to be his starter Pokémon, until Team Galactic gained control of the Kanto region. They would have taken Ekans away for good, but the Pokémon evaded capture by burrowing underground in the yard. Cam didn’t lose Ekans that day, but Galactic’s new laws had a lasting impact on his family. Businesses that relied on Pokémon’s services were forced to close. His father was unable to find work after he lost his job. The nationwide ban was tearing the household apart. In the end, Cam left Cerulean City for two reasons: to join in a plot to overthrow Team Galactic, and to no longer be a burden on his family.


Nickname: Sickens
Species: Ekans
Gender: Male
Starting level: 25
Current moveset: Dig, Poison Tail, Aqua Tail, Bite
Personality: Sickens is a reserved creature that spends most of his time hiding up Cam’s sleeve, coiled around his arm. The Pokémon has extremely sharp senses and can shoot out of its hiding place to attack any enemy that threatens its trainer. Sickens is overprotective of Cam and very suspicious around strangers, quick to interpret any sudden movement as an attack. Cam has learned to control this, but Sickens still shows little emotion other than its protectiveness.

Other: Cam and Sickens are very in sync with one another. In battle they fight as one; neither stands on the sidelines as the other does the fighting. Cam wonders where his father obtained Sickens due to its diverse moveset.

Starter Post:

        Almost immediately after he left his house, Cam was stopped by the police and shoved into a Pokémon Center. Well, since Pokémon were illegal, it was more like “the Center” now, but the place still had a fitting room. Cam was ordered to change out of his Ekans shirt because it was a “symbol of protest.” That’s how it was now. Pokémon were banned. Even talking about them could get you in trouble. But now wearing Pokémon-themed clothing was risky? It’s not like some ordinary person passing by on the street would look at a t-shirt and suddenly start a riot. Cam couldn’t wrap his head around this whole “symbol of protest” thing quite like Sickens could wrap his tail around his arm.

        “Well, I’ve got a plain white t-shirt,” Cam said, looking through his bag, “I’ll put this on so I don’t start any riots. I can do that later...” The police watched him carefully as he left the Center, deciding not to confiscate his Ekans shirt. What would they do with it, anyway? If they’d truly believed that the shirt was so dangerous, they would’ve taken it without hesitation.

        But all of that happened days ago. By now, Cerulean City was far behind and so was the sun. Cam entered Diglett’s Cave, and already Ekans could sense someone’s presence. “Come on, try to look a little more presentable!” Cam said as he poked Sickens, who seemed poised to attack. Having made sure the Ekans wouldn’t bite, he walked right over to the firelight, threw his pack aside, and dropped down. “Well, here I am! Diglett’s Cave... without the Diglett.”
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Looks good! Well, I guess we'll get started! Poison, when you finish your form, just send it to me and if everything looks good you can put it in this thread. You don't have to write a starter until you put it in the thread. Does that sound good? (this is just a final call before I start, partly because I feel bad starting without you, partly because I'm too tired to write the first post tonight... If you're okay with this, we'll start tomorrow, hopefully.)
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Thinking over my application for a couple of days, I realized some flaws in my story (as in everything else pokemon is banned). So let's just say the cops in Celadon really didn't care enough to really do their jobs as well as say, Vermilion or Cerulean City's force and that could mean problems down the road. Just letting you guys know in advance so I don't spring it on you in the middle of it.
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((Well, let's get started!))

Anise sighed at Cam's comment, "Well hopefully we can fix that." She looked around at the group that had gathered, "Well, looks like everyone's here. Dusk, can you do a perimeter check? Make sure no more then 'everyone' is here."

Dusk flew off outside the tunnel and out of sight. "Once she get's back and we can be sure we're in the clear, we can discuss our strategy. Until then, why don't we get to know each other a little better? First, how was everyone's journey here? And do you have any reason to suspect someone may have followed you?"
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((I'd forgotten who I was so I had to look back at my application))

Cole's ears perk up at Anise's questions. Finally something to do. He thinks of how to respond quickly and then replies, "My journey here was mostly uneventful. I did get stopped by lone patrolman but honestly he seemed more interested in trying not to suffocate laughing than to arrest me." Cole blushes a little bit and sighs. "I least the cops here are like the ones in Celadon, otherwise Thread here and I wouldn't have made it." The buizel had gone eerily still and long since been back in its little disguise.
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     Cam had a sudden burst of energy when he heard Cole talking about how uneventful his journey was. “Man, you and your Buizel plushie got off easy. When I was just five steps from my house in Cerulean, I had cops all over me! No idea what was going on, but the next thing I knew I was getting shoved into a Pokémon Center,” Cam went on, telling the whole thing with the shock of someone who’d just experienced it. “They made me change out of my Ekans shirt cause it was a symbol of protest or something... And then they didn’t even take it! I didn’t hurt myself, but I was so confused after that.” When his energy died down, he added, “Oh yeah, I’m Cam by the way.”
     Suddenly he felt Sickens tighten around his arm and raise its head. Its piercing yellow eyes were on Thread. The disguise might’ve fooled Cam, but the Ekans sensed that the Buizel was very much alive. “And this little guy up my sleeve, that’s Sickens.”
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She couldn't help smirking at the mention of Celadon, barely managing to stifle a chuckle. Elle had to wonder if she'd seen Cole on the streets before. She almost drifted away, lost in thought, then after a moment realized all eyes had turned to her.
"Oh, we're up?" She shared a look with the amber-hued lizard curled up at her feet, giggled, before continuing. "I'd say pretty much the same as them," she said, nodding toward Cole. "No major problems, aside from a little clash with a flock of birds. Oh, and by the way, that's when she changed form," she finished with a grin, giving Raze a scratching on the head. The draconic beast purred at her touch, letting loose a proud spark of flame from her jaws.
"'s Elle, and you can call our scaly friend here Raze."
As a brief silence fell, it started to seem obvious she'd finished her introduction.
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Just as Elle's introduction was finishing up, Dusk floated back in. "Is the coast clear?" she asked. Dusk nodded. She breathed a sigh or relief.
"Oh, I'm Anise, by the way, and this is Dusk, my best friend," she gestured toward the Gastly. "We had no problem getting here, the GPF doesn't really pathol much around Lavender Town."

She took her backpack and searched through it for a moment, eventually pulling out a map and laying it on the ground so everyone could see. "Okay, so, I have a few ideas on where to go. First, there's Pewter City, which as everyone knows is their base of operations. Second, there's Pallet Town. Rumor has it that Prof. Oak has been resisting Galactic since day one. He may be able to help us in some way. Finally, there's Fuschia City. They have destroyed the Safari Zone and built something up, that much is known, but they never said what it was for. I think that is where they are keeping the pokemon the stole. It makes sense."

She sat up and took a deep breath. "I want to say we should go to Fuschia first and free as many pokemon as we can, but that could easily backfire and make us wanted criminals if we are spotted, so maybe we should go to Pallet first and see if we can get more information." She looked around at the others, trying to gauge their thoughts, "Well, what do you think?"
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     “You know what, I’d want to rush in and straight up destroy Galactic, but you’re right,” Cam answered. “I’m with you on Pallet Town. Oak might know something about that Fuchsia place, and if he’s resisting the GPF, I’m willing to bet he’s got starter Pokémon stashed away somewhere. We might just get our hands on one of those Blastoise with three cannons! Now that would blow the bad guys away.”
     His imagination ran wild. When taking down a crime organization every move has to be carefully planned and calculated, but otherwise this was the Pokémon adventure Cam had missed out on as a kid. But this whole undertaking was something he definitely took seriously, even though he didn’t really show it. If Team Galactic’s rule ended, then Cam’s father could get his job back and things would go back to the way they were. Then, he’d return home, maybe even as a national hero. But that was his wild imagination talking again.
     Sickens’ tail appeared from Cam’s other sleeve and followed the path on the map from Diglett’s Cave to Pallet Town. He hadn't realized it before, but they'd have to pass through either Pewter or Fuchsia to even get to Pallet.
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 Cole does silent and listens in on the stories of everyone else, then they start attempting a plan. Pallet Town or Fuschia city? Oak has been resisting and could give us some help, but Fuschia is the big ticket item here, meaning it would deal a bigger blow. However it will be guarded. Pallet Town is safe and we're less likely to get spotted since who would suspect that quiet little hamlet of anything besides Oak? he thinks through the options quickly. "Pallet Town is probably the best, since it's likely less guarded, but some of the cities on the way may be more on alert, so we have to be careful. I guess moving now would be best unless you're expecting someone else." he says, pausing to add another thought "Oh, and if we decide to go now, we'll smother the fire."

 A second later, a chilling realization hits Cole. The cops are more likely to be by the book the further we get from Celadon, meaning we could be in some trouble. So he decides to speak up. "One more thing, I just thought about it and as we get to other cities, the GPF are going to be the book, meaning our cover won't exactly be the best. So we're going to have to stick to the shadows and either sneak though, or if we're caught...fight our way out, which isn't the best option"
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"Well, looks like the majority thinks we should go to Pallet first. We can head through to the other side of Diglett's cave to get there. It ends just south of Pewter City, so we'll have to be careful once we get there. Then we'll have to go through Viridian Forest. There should still be some pokemon living there, but they probably won't just be weedles and caterpies. Any pokemon that avoided capture will likely be strong. Or small enough to go undetected. Viridian City will also be a problem. They aren't as bad as Pewter, but their proximity to Pewter means they have a fairly strict police force. We'll have to be careful there. We should be safer once we get to Pallet, but we'll always need to be careful." She took a deep breath, "Well, if everyone's fine with the plan, we should get moving as soon as we can."
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"Sounds good to me." Cole says. Now Thread looks up at Cole, looking just a tad concerned. The two shuffle away from the group as if to have a private conversation.

"Ok, this is going to be extremely risky as your act won't work in larger cities." he whispers to his buizel. "Celadon cops don't really care, but once we get to places like Pewter you need to be absolutely silent and only move if you have to.  On the off-chance that we need to fight, you know what to do. Lastly, if the worst happens and I get taken, do not pursue them." the buizel looked at him quizzingly as he quickly explained in a hushed tone "It won't do much if we're both caught, you can still help anyone else, even help rescue me later, but if we're both taken it won't help anyone." Thread nods and they both rejoin the group.

Cole points to the fire and Thread shoots a small spout of water from his mouth to mostly put out the fire, the red hot coals were still going, giving them just enough light to see. "Thank you." Cole says as Thread jumps back into his bag and adjusts itself to look not very obvious. "Ready when you are." Cole says to the rest of the group.
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“Been waiting for you to say that,” Cam got up, stretched, and slung his pack over his shoulder. “Now let’s brave this cave!” He started toward the other entrance with purpose in his step, but there really was nothing to be excited about. Diglett’s Cave was empty – no Diglett, no Dugtrio – nothing. Still he somehow derived pleasure from every little thing, maybe because a truly exciting experience was scarce these days. Life under Galactic’s rule was either boring or depressing.

Cam’s energy was kind of silly but amazing at the same time. He must’ve been some kind of strong if he could move so quickly through a dark cave, with a backpack and 6 feet 7 inches of snake flesh always wrapped around his arm. He’d been walking with the others for some time now and wondered if the other exit was up ahead. Maybe if Sickens hadn’t been asleep and focused its sensitive eyes, Cam could find it more easily. It was hard to make out, but there it was, a starry cutout of the dark cave.

The sun had just barely set when Cam arrived, but now the sky was clearly darker. The cave was easy to traverse without a Diglett popping up every two seconds, but that’s exactly what everyone missed about it. “We made it,” he was quieter about it than usual, since this place was more heavily patrolled. “I’d say I’m better at getting us out of caves than a scar-faced Weavile…”
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Cole walked with the group as Thread had long since went into his motionless disguise. The young adult had been half paying attention but also lost in his own thoughts. How did I not get caught? I thought Galactic's Police Force was stronger than this. I shouldn't get too confident, though. They're probably a lot less stupid later on, meaning i'm going to have to figure something out quickly. Either that or i'm going to just have to make sure we don't get questioned. Still, are the low level patrollers that stupid? I should've been put in chains and tortured years ago. At least my parents won't have to worry about meeting that fate. They're probably at home right now worrying themselves to death about me. Enough of that. I gotta focus.

Cole came to a stop right behind Cam who remarked how quick they got out. "It was probably easier for obvious reasons. Still, I expected that to take a lot longer as well." Cole says, trying to keep his voice in a hushed whisper. "The others..." he looks behind him as the rest of the group catches up, "Scratch that, the gang's all here."
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"Woo, we're finally out!" Anise cheered. Unfortunately, that was probably going to be the easiest part of their journey. Dusk moved up close to Anise as they left the cave, using her as a windbreaker. "Dusk, you should be ready to hide, okay?" she told the Gastly. Dusk nodded, still hiding behind her trainer.

"Next is the forest. But, we should be pretty careful until we get there, incase-" and just as she was trying to warn the others, a cop approached the group. "Dusk, hide." she whispered to her pokemon, who quickly turned invisible.

"Just what are you kids up to out here. This is not a safe place you know," the cop said to the group.
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“Not a safe place? Come on, everyone knows dangerous places are the best for a relaxing night stroll!” Cam said. Actually, he wasn’t lying. He was the adventurous kind of guy who relaxed by getting his blood-pumping, the type who loosened in tight situations. But the cop wasn’t buying it. His hand was already on his portable radio and he looked like he was about to call for backup.

And then the worst happened: Sickens woke up. Cam felt the Ekans tighten on his arm and poke its hissing tongue out of his sleeve. Without warning the snake Pokémon shot out of its hiding place and bit the officer’s hand holding the radio. Less than a second later, Sickens whipped its tail out from his opposite sleeve and struck the cop in the head with Poison Tail, knocking him unconscious. “Sickens, you crazy snake!”
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When the Ekans woke up and took its strike, Cole stumbled back a bit, not expecting it to happen. The patrolman dropped to the ground with the radio bouncing a couple of feet away. Instinctively, Cole ran forward, scooped up the radio and threw it against to cave wall. It didn't shatter completely, but the impact did prevent it from performing its function. "That was was too close." he said in a hushed whisper as he walked back to the group "They could have backup here soon, so I suggest we move, now." Cole sighed, "So much for being subtle I guess."
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"Yeah..." Anise nodded in agreement. One thing bothered her though. This cop might now knew who they were... "Do you think we should..." she trailed off before she finished the sentence. "No, killing him may not be the best idea... But... Dusk, hit him with Confuse Ray!" Dusk appeared and did as she was told. "With any luck, when he wakes up he'll be too confused to know for sure what happened." Her plan may not be the most solid, but it was the best she could think of in the moment. "Now let's get out of here!" She ran ahead into toward the forest. Hopefully this little incident wouldn't affect them too much.
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As soon as Anise took off, Cole didn't even think twice about anything else as he made a beeline for the forest. With the patrolman confused and knocked out, they should be able to get off scot free. Right? No matter, too late to change that. Cole didn't even try for stealth and didn't stop until he was sure that he made it into the forest, then quickly stopped to catch his breath. After that, he looked around and made sure that the police hadn't found the group. Everything seemed clear, when he finally spoke up. "So, shall we figure out what happened?" Cole commented.
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“I hate to admit it, but this purple psycho on my arm just saved us,” Cam wouldn’t allow the Ekans a compliment without a little teasing. “But Sickens could really use a few lessons from Thread on the art of sitting still.” He rolled up his sleeve to see if the Ekans was hearing all this, but the Pokémon had gone to sleep.

“Wait, you’re asleep, again?!” Cam was surprised that Sickens could fall asleep in 2 seconds but couldn’t sit still for one. The Ekans was on his left arm now, no longer cutting off the circulation in his right. It was a small price to pay to keep the Pokémon hidden.

He stretched his right arm, “Anyway, we’re on the road to Viridian City! ( …Man, I loved that song, before Team Galactic censored out anything Pokémon-related.” He briefly reminisced about his childhood and how life was before the takeover, but none of this showed in his eyes. He was carefree and excited as usual, even after they’d knocked a cop unconscious and run for their lives. But his expression suddenly changed when he tripped on something and landed face down in the grass.

“I hope Dusk didn’t get me with a stray Confuse Ray, cause I can’t see where I’m going,” Cam looked more closely at the brown lump he tripped on. Wait, it had eyes and a large red nose. It was… a Diglett!
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"Woah!" Anise ran up to the little Diglett, "Where did you come from, little guy? Did you escape Galactic?" she asked the pokemon. It was strange to see a diglett in the forest like this. Or... what if it was a Galactic pokemon? She turned to her pokemon, "Just in case, Dusk, hide," she commanded.

Finally she turned her attention to her fallen friend, "Haha, I don't think this was Dusk's fault, I think you just weren't looking where you were going," she teased, holding out a hand for him. Despite her supposed playfulness, she was currently on high alert, in case this was a Galactic pokemon and its 'trainer' was nearby.
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Cam took Anise’s hand, and with a renewed energy he pulled himself up. Then he towered over the Diglett with a wicked look in his eyes. His playfully irritated expression meant that he wanted a little payback. “You know, I’ve always wondered what a Diglett’s lower half looks like…”

Frightened, the Pokémon plunged itself underground and popped out with powerful force under Cam’s shoe. He lost his balance and again fell facedown into the grass. He got up and crawled over to the Diglett. “Oh, you’re a Naughty natured one, aren’t you?!”

Then with a swipe of his two hands he tried to catch the Pokémon, but it plunged underground before he could. Cam tried again and again to catch the Diglett, but it always got away and taunted him each time.

Finally he gave up and lay on the ground exhausted. “You really think Diglett’s with Galactic? Seems more like a troublemaker than a law enforcer! Phew…” Cam was panting heavily but he was visibly happy. He enjoyed playing with the Diglett, especially when everyone else around him was so serious.

“Know what I think? This Diglett’s probably from that cave we were just in. Diglett’s Cave, right? Galactic came and took his friends… but this one got away,” he said.

“Cause we all know how good you are at getting away!” he smiled at the Diglett, ending on a happier note. The Pokémon flinched when Cam moved his hand toward it, but all he did was pet it on the head.
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Cole had lagged a little behind just to take a quick check and make sure they weren't about to be swarmed. So he caught up as the others were looking over the Diglett. "So one got out after all?" Cole said, seeming intrigued. "You'd think Galactic would've gotten all of them. Guess this little guy was too crafty." He then thought about the pokemon. "Unless it's Galactic's that is." Cole said morbidly, "Not trying to kill the mood or anything but let's be careful here. It's a possibility, but I sorta doubt it since it seems afraid of us." He attempted to approach the diglett but it seemed to flinch with his first step, so he didn't take another step past that.

I mean it's understandable. The last humans it saw took all of its friends, or it can somehow tell I have a water pokemon with me.