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Trades / WARNING: Thread revived!
« on: November 24, 2015, 17:34 »
Now that I have your attention... :p

Soo, just got OR on amazon last week. We've really come a long way since '95.
I'm looking to complete a few evolution-trades, if anyone's interested, i.e. switch Graveler for Graveler, Haunter for Haunter, etc, but for the most part seeking a Charmander (the shinier the better!). Oh, and Noibat. Any takers, let me know what you want for the lizard and I'll try to obtain it.
Now I just need to figure out how global trading works with this game...

Older Main Games / Unova VS DisHax
« on: May 20, 2014, 19:07 »
In celebration of my first game in quite a while (White 2), I want to try out a "playthrough" thread: I'll post my plans for the game, and update it whenever something important IG happens, like beating a gym, catching a new team member, or catching a legendary.

EDIT: Due to my computer being stolen, this is cancelled. May or may not do it again at a later date.

Since basically all animals have some degree of what I would classify as supernatural powers, people can't really eat any of them. I mean, nobody's going to make a Tauros (or Miltank) steak, fry some Spearow wings or grill a Magikarp, are they? Does that make everyone in that world a vegetarian?

Say Hello! / Hello, my name is Insanity.
« on: May 09, 2014, 06:00 »
So basically, I found this site after I googled "salamence nicknames" for my sapphire game. Seemed a pretty interesting place, so I signed up & started looking around. I like the forum and the "cards" feature so far  ;D
Username was inspired by A)I'm a huge fan of Disturbed, plus I finally bought the Lost Children album (beyond badass) on the same day I registered on this site, B) Haxorus is by far my favorite pokemon because of its appearance; since I was little, I've been absolutely enthralled by reptilian monsters (still am to this day, at age 20), and a giant lizard with a double-bladed axe protruding from its skull? Awesome. Just awesome. C) A little wordplay on the two words seemed appropriate: since Haxorus is basically what I would be if I were in the pokeworld (not a trainer or a legendary; shocker, huh?!), plus I'm a little insane beneath the surface. Based on all that, my avatar pic was the result of a google-image search on Haxorus, and it was the most to my liking.

Games General / Picking a game...
« on: May 09, 2014, 05:01 »
Sort of a "new member post" here, so here goes. I haven't really played anything since generation III, and I recently decided to get back on the Poketrain; started to look into which gen 4 or 5 game to buy (I only want one right now). I need advice.
What I really want is HG or SS because I'm somewhat familiar with the mechanics/map/etc. and really love the Johto region, but those games can't get Haxorus :p
Should I go ahead and get one of them, or buy a five-gen game so I can get the awesome axe-dragon?
Basically, which of these two wants do people think is better? And no, I can't get X or Y. Don't have a 3DS.

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