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Forum Games / If This is the Answer, What is the Question?
« on: May 30, 2010, 16:03 »
This has probably been done before a long time ago...
But I think it's quite fun. :)

The title of it is quite explanitory.
But in the interest of keeping everyone appeased...
Basically, post your 'answer' and let the next poster suggest the question.
Then they post an 'answer' and so on...

My answer is: Many many monkeys.
What is the question?

Character Guides / Hawkeye 'Hawk' Routledge
« on: July 10, 2007, 18:28 »
Character Name
Hawkeye 'Hawk' Routledge

31 Years Old


Hawkeye is tall-ish and somewhat thin. He is supported by fairly long legs.
He has dark brown hair with a few blonde higlights in amonst the wild tangles that sway violently in the breeze.
He also has deep, dark brown eyes too.
Garment-wise he is accompanied most of the time by a blue Hawiian shirt with white flower patterns over a long-sleeved white top. The top half of his legs are overshadowed by a pair of thick, black shorts.
Normally the footwear he uses is sandals as he like travelling down to the beach on most days.

Hawkeye has an excellent sense of humour and he uses it to also cover his pain and sorrow whenever he can. He is very modest about his achievement and tries to keep a low profile.
Despite his fun behaviour and good-nature, he is very shy around new people and sometimes he may get lost for words very easily. He is sweet and selfless towards others. He likes to think of himself as a natural born leader although he doesn't like to be put into the position where we is supposed to make a decision for a group.
He also never likes to be left out of conversations and he can be very persuasive, if a little smart-arsed sometimes. This normally is shown through his dry wit and tendency to drift off and follow ONLY what he wants to do or what HE thinks is best.

Hawkeye has lived a very eventful life so far.

He was born in Olivine City on the 18th October 1991 to parents Geoff and Lily.
His family had joined an organisation when Hawkeye had reached the age of two.
The organisation was hell-bent on tackling special criminal organisations such as Team Magma and Team Rocket.
Hawkeye was sent to a boarding school in Blackthorn City when he was five. He was just old enough to enroll in a pre-school that had just started there.
On the day 17th September 1997, a month and a day before his sixth birthday, his parents house was raided by Team Aqua groups.
His father had cruicial evidence that directly implicated Team Aqua in the death of the Sliph Co. president. ((Before the one in R/B/Y)). His father escaped with his mother but were captured by Team Aqua and taken to a secret lair, the location of which today, is still unknown.
Hawkeye left school at the age of 17 - topping every class, not knowing that his parents had suffered a great ordeal at the hands of Team Aqua. At first he thought they had gone on holiday to their favorite spot on Silence Bridge.
They were nowhere to be found. He tried his hardest to find where they had gone. But he could not find them.

With the knowledge he had gained from his school years, Hawkeye found a job at Silph Co. with some hope that his father would come through the doors "any time now".
He began research into the "Up-Grade" Project. Hawkeye was present during the takeover of Silph Co. by Team Rocket. Later he was one of the few who were fired due to financial losses to the company.
During his little time their though, Hawkeye made millions. He invested in purchasing stock in Silph Co. and made even more.

At present day, he sits alone in his detached house in Cianwood City.

Friends and Enemies
Andrew Humphries - Rival


Hawkeye has a large taste in Johto pokemon...
He only has these so far...

Ra Xatu Lv: 40 - Early Bird - Male - Premier Ball

Sunny Day
Future Sight
Confuse Ray
Has been friends with this pokemon since he first was able to weild a pokeball.
He first recieved it in the wild near the Ruins of Alph.

Thoth Magcargo Lv: 45 - Flame Body - Male - Ultra Ball

Rock Slide
Earth Power
Lava Plume
Body Slam
Sleep Talk
Caught this pokemon on his travels to Mt. Ember. It was the second pokemon he ever caught.

Osiris Porygon2 Lv: 42 - Trace - No Gender - Premier Ball

Zap Cannon
Lock On
Signal Beam
Magnet Rise
Hyper Beam
During his work on the Up-Grade Project, he recieved later a working prototype as a thanks to the contribution he gave to the group.
He recieved the Porygon form as a prize in Celadon Game Corner after he bought the coins with his large wad of cash.

Scope Lens
Silk Scarf
Rainbow Pass
Super Rod
Coin Case
Mach Bike
Soothe Bell
Shell Bell
Devon Scope
Wailmer Pail
Soot Sack
Dragon Scale
Full Restore (x200)
Max Revive (x200)
Fab Mail (x50)
Lucky Egg
Elixir (x200)
Blue FLute
Yellow Flute
Red Flute
Black Flute
White Flute
Berry Juice (x100)
Moomoo Milk (x100)
Ultra Ball (x50)
Luxury Ball (x10)
Net Ball (x20)
Timer Ball (x20)
Dive Ball (x20)
Nest Ball (x20)

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