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Mario Maker Level Sharing
« on: September 27, 2015, 13:36 »
Since I'm sure all the PKMN.NETers have some creative levels to share. ;)

My lot first, C+Ped from somewhere else;

The Impossible Stairs- 1154-0000-0037-F807

This one's actually a little special as I dunno how many of you watch Screwattack content but this appeared on one of their livestreams so I've had Stuttering Craig play this level. XD If you want to see him play it, here's the video (Starts at 8:40)

Find the Shroom Then Get Out- 93FD-0000-0015-A570

My first level upload, just quick and simple.

A Spiky Situation- 5F31-0000-0024-5053

Can you get to the end surprise?- EE53-0000-0027-E04C

Mostly sillyness. XD

Hammer Bros. Revenge- 197E-0000-0037-E581

More of a feel good level. XD

Super Bowser Bros- C4BD-0000-003F-E5A5

For the most hardcore ONLY as only I have beaten it so far. Seriously don't feel bad if you cannot beat it since its more of an endurance level and even took me 90 mins to beat it to upload it. XD

Beware the Ceiling- E883-0000-0045-F22A

The Boo House of Boom- 24B1-0000-004D-5495

Aaahhh, This Old Shell-ish Thing- 1878-0000-0052-7209

Mario Bros. Revenge Edition- FB19-0000-0057-AFED

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