Author Topic: Vintage Anime Nostalgia (80s or Older preferred)  (Read 158 times)

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Vintage Anime Nostalgia (80s or Older preferred)
« on: June 10, 2024, 13:07 »
Anyone end up watching them Japanese cartoons at all? Maybe you grew up with some, or watched them after the fact? Discuss which older anime are on your mind!

Currently thinking about that one time I watched Yatterman. My favorite part is when Boyakky (Boyacky? However it's spelled...) screams his name in the villains' theme song. It's beyond comical.

Speaking of scoundrels, everyone loves a good Lupin III, right? I've only seen Part 2's infamous English dub ages ago, but I still think about "I hope this isn't one of those three-hour tours you hear about on Nick At Nite!" a lot more than I should. (wait, does that dub break the 80s-or-older rule??? TIME PARADOX) Oh, and uh, I feel like Speed Racer has had more adaptations than anime at this point. I'm still mad he wasn't even considered for Tatsunoko vs Capcom... which I've never played, so like, whatever. ;_;

I'd have mentioned more 80s anime, but, uh, slipped my mind. I still need to watch the English dub of Tank Police, out of principle. (I had to look it up to make sure, but it just barely clears being an 80s anime.)

Anyone else a weeb enough dude to post about ancient anime?

"But why not anything AFTER the 80s???"

It's not a hard rule or anything (and I updated the title to reflect that). I might accept a few "honorary" titles, but deep down, I feel there was a quality and/or style shift around the turn of the decade into the 90s. We got some good stuff even then, don't get me wrong. I just think older anime is underrated or even shunned these days.

(There are some stinkers even among "The Classics", though. Pretty much anything Devilman-related is 2edgy4me, except maybe the Toei one...  I guess the title should have tipped me off!)

Side note: When ARE we going to get a straight-up, beat-for-beat anime adaptation of the Getter Robo manga, no strings attached? Usually I don't mind spin-offs etc., because that's how a lot of adaptations did it back then, but it's kind of weird Getter seems to dance around the source material. Am I missing something? Funny because most Getter anime aren't even 80s or older, but I guess that's my point...
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