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After browsing around Team Building, it's become apparent that there should be a Question and Answer thread where certain questions about Pokémon and how they can be used can be asked, and then answered by some of the Team Builders here in this board. I thought I'd kick off a topic, I'm not saying there's a guarantee for it to be stickied at all, but if there's enough interest and it becomes successful then it will provide help for everyone and less topics will be necessary. Plus, with the interest (if it's there) then there might not even be a need for stickying.

I'm hoping that with this, as well as people receiving more help, it would allow more people to get involved as it would make it seem more of a welcoming board.

I know this may seem a bit brief, but I'll update this topic where necessary. The idea came from the Team Builders, I'm just making the topic and hopefully contributing where possible.


To ask a question, all you have to do is post asking really. It can be for any sort of team, whether it's ingame preparing to beat Whitney on HGSS or trying to get a nicely balanced team for competitive play. For example, you could ask "I have a Metagross in my team, and I was wondering which would work best alongside it. Which would be better, Salamence or Dragonite?" This would then end up with people providing an answer to help. Simples.

Post away with your questions, and hopefully help will arrive =]

This should work well. At least then, the board won't be clogged up with topics devoted to asking one question.

I have a question, which I've always wondered about:

Is there any actual way to get pokerus? I had it on Emerald once and freaked because I thought it was bad, only to find it was good O_O but I'm not sure how I got it.

If anyone can help me out on this one it'd be a great help =]

You can only get Pokerus by battling a Pokemon that has it. I don't think there is any other way.

I first got it in Sapphire, then I transferred it over to Pearl.

Damn.....ah well. Thanks Laprabi. Just need to find someone who has it now....


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