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Random Randomness / Re: Everyday Accomplishments
« on: November 17, 2018, 04:11 »
A fanfic I wrote is getting some minor traffic and anyone who actually told me what they thought seemed to like it, asking me to tell them when the next chapter was done, or telling me it made them sad, which, good, that was the point. I'm hoping traffic will pick up once I publish the next chapter, since then it'll probably look better. In incomplete work never looks good, especially when it's totally new.

Fun thing about it: I just happened to publish it on the main character's canonical birthday. Happy birthday, love you, have some sadness in your life, I guess.

Random Randomness / Re: first world problems
« on: November 15, 2018, 00:23 »
Hello darkness, my old friend

It's snowing sideways once again

Even though it's only november and this should not be happening yet. Probably gonna lose power some time today or tomorrow...

Also I have 5 assignments due this week, 4 of which are art, and the other one is a history assignment.

Say Hello! / Re: Hello, my friends, I have returned
« on: November 15, 2018, 00:18 »
yo welcome back

& if you're still looking for pokemon RP boards gimmie a bell and i'll hook you up with two im in atm.

Hey thanks! Nice to see you!

Ah man, that'd be great! Though... *looks at the other rps I'm in, some of which I mod or run* maybe I should show some self control for once... Then again, forum rp's tend to be slower, so why not?

Say Hello! / Re: Hello, my friends, I have returned
« on: November 09, 2018, 23:51 »
Hi. Welcome back.

I'm still here. Yay?

Hey, thanks! Nice to see some people I know still around.

hello it is good to see a Returner that i actually remember for once, you just do college as much times as it dang well takes to get where you need to be imo............don't give up. also about the other thing, im gonna also just gonna say that im glad youre in a better place now, keep on movin on up

judging by the overall temperature of the board atm (i.e. a penguins shrunken balls) the rp place might be deader than before unfortch. soz to say,

Ahaha nice to be remembered. Nice to see you're still around too! Thanks, man, I sure don't plan to give up any time soon, worked to hard to stop now. Besides, semester's almost over and the hard part is basically over now that my art history term paper is done. That was a load of garbage, I can tell you that much. Thanks though! Things are much better now then even about this time last year.

I mean, this place has always been a little on the dead side, so that's no surprise really. Too bad though. Ah well, I'll still stick around to see what's still going on. Nice to be back somewhere familiar, even if it's a little quiet.

Your Art / New art thread for new(er) art
« on: November 09, 2018, 05:52 »
Welp, since I'm back, how about I show off some of the stuff I've done in the meantime? I'm not sure I can post it all here, so I'll post some as links, but let's go! From oldest to newest.

First, this one is so old it's on my old dA account. I'm not the happiest with it so it's going in the spoiler tags so I don't have to look at it. Still love this character to death though. I mean, I better, I've made two seperate cosplays of him...

Spoiler: show

This one is a quick chibi style sketch of my tiefling nobleman from a dnd campaign a while back. He's a lot of fun to play.

I'm gonna put this one as a link. This is my monster character for a story I made for an rp group, who kinda grew to become one of my main oc's now. He's gone through a couple designs now and I love him.

Warnings for trypophobia (I've been told he triggers that, thanks to clusters of eyes). Also he's shirtless, if that makes you at all uncomfortable. Just want to give fair warning.

And my last one, here's my other main oc, my modern wizard boi, being scared of something. Doesn't usually happen but I wanted to practice lighting and this seemed fun.

That's about it that I can show! Tell me what you think!

Say Hello! / Hello, my friends, I have returned
« on: November 09, 2018, 05:22 »
Hey, so, it's been a while huh. I'm bad at keeping track of time so I don't even know how long it's been ahaha. A couple years at least. I kinda just had the urge to come back here and say hello to everyone since this place was so important to me those years ago. I guess life just kinda happened...

Anyway, hello old friends who are still here, and hello new friends who don't know me! I'm dragoncat, though I may change that nickname soon, since I have a new thing I tend to go by now. I was a regular here a couple years ago, but then I guess life kinda happened and I just kinda stopped coming here for one reason or another. I did miss you guys though...

I suppose I should mention a few things that changed. Well, I forget what I was doing before I left, but I am now studying video game design in college. First year of it... again... I tried two times before but couldn't finish thanks to circumstances. Doing really well now though! I'm sure I'll finally pass this time! Let's see... Oh, I was still dating when I left, wasn't I? Yeah, that's changed. The person I was with turned out to be highly manipulative, and cheated on me with three different people, who also thought they were the only ones dating him. We all dumped him together. I won't go into it unless anyone asks.

Other then that, more of the same with me. I still write, I still draw, I still rp a lot (is the rp board active? Or is it as dead as before? Maybe I'll try to run one...) just all the same stuff. so, nice to see you all again!!!

Random Randomness / Re: first world problems
« on: May 17, 2017, 23:50 »
No one can say they have crappier parents than mine!

I feel like Blaze and 2OrSomething have already made this point, but I kinda feel like ranting anyway, so, yeah. I'm not intending to turn this into a pity contest either. But, like, my parents both abandoned me with my great aunt and uncle when I was very young, my mother promising she'd come back. She didn't. And my previously mentioned aunt and uncle, though they've raised me, they, plus my parents, are a huge reason for my depression, a lot of it coming from the fact that they are homophobic and transphobic, and I am both trans, and not straight. I constantly feel unwelcome in my own home and I can't get out of here and I don't know when I'll be able to.

somewhat related: I hate mothers day. I tried to sleep through it, but ended up crying anyway. Checking facebook was a huge mistake...

Say Hello! / Re: hello
« on: May 16, 2017, 08:33 »
Hello, new here, I'm dragoncat!

ohmygod I just made a dad joke end me now

Anyway, hope you have a nice stay here!

Random Randomness / Re: first world problems
« on: May 15, 2017, 03:14 »
Literally cried out of no where, most likely because of mother's day... bleh

Your Sprite Art / Re: A rubbish attempt at recolouring
« on: May 10, 2017, 21:55 »
I'm getting criticised for the background instead of the picture lol

Background is important too. Even if it is just white, actually, especially if it is just white, you should cut the extra out. Work on a large canvas, so you have room for reference pictures and colour pallets, and when you're done, shrink it down. It's the small things that really help it look better.

Overall, it's not bad for a first attempt, with practice you can definitely improve. Shrubs criticism hold true though. The lines that are outright misplaced are kinda distracting too.

Random Randomness / Re: Quotes from something
« on: May 02, 2017, 22:58 »
"Death's here, the party can start." - me when my friend, who's nickname is Death, showed up.
"Shut up, Death!" "Death, get out!" - my friend, while Death was being snarky during Anime Jeopardy.

Moral of the story is having a friend nicknamed Death can be a lot of fun.

Random Randomness / Re: first world problems
« on: May 02, 2017, 22:54 »
//in stern doctor voice// im afraid if you cosplay as any kind of animal anything you are a furry for life. its the Rules

Well, damn, guess I'm a furry now.

In other news, I'm broke. At least I didn't catch con plague. I hope. or stab myself in the leg like my friend did so that good

Random Randomness / Re: first world problems
« on: May 02, 2017, 01:45 »
I cosplayed ad a wolfskin oc. My best friend now thinks I'm a furry.

Random Randomness / Re: Everyday Accomplishments
« on: May 02, 2017, 01:44 »
Survived another convention this weekend! Bought a bunch of pokemon stuff, including a DVD set of the 4 Sinnoh movies, a bunch of chokers, some runes, some bath bombs, one of which I am using for my post con relaxation bath, and a corset, which I look great in. Been a great weekend.

Random Randomness / Re: first world problems
« on: April 17, 2017, 08:00 »
Oh boy, I sure love those nights when I need someone to talk to but there's no one I can talk to. How fun.

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