Author Topic: Your ORAS Game triumphs/struggles  (Read 24604 times)

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Re: Your ORAS Game triumphs/struggles
« Reply #150 on: March 16, 2016, 12:13 »
Triumph: One-shotted Steven's Metagross with a Vulpix.
Failure: So used to Battle Spot Singles that when I was battling in a Link Battle, I forgot that it was not in the Battle Spot and accidentally only picked three Pokes to enter instead of six. I lost, big-time.
That Goodra may have 399 Special Defense and an Assault Vest, but I'm pretty sure it couldn't stand up to 6 Pokes in a row.
There are plenty of Magikarps in the sea. You may catch and occasional Feebas, but they are gross and ugly, so throw them back. Try as you may to find that red Gyarados, that will never happen, so just give up on that idea.