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PKMN.NET Official Meet 2015

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I know it's been absent, we've been distracted busy.

Where? London. Details to be confirmed

When? Saturday 4th July

How to be there? Post here. Sixteen and over only. Eighteen or over makes longer stays easier.

Further details will be confirmed in private, but most of us can find our way around, right?

We look forward to seeing you there!

I can put myself down for a maybe - to be confirmed later aka when i set money aside. I definitely have time, it's just the money that's a pain

Lord Raven:
i cant i have an american religious holiday then

Kerou 犠牲:
I think I've got that booked off work so I'll be down as a maybe

The Shrub Dragon:
is 16 and over referring to on the actual day or now-ish because i'll be 16 by the 4th of July but as of the moment I'm still 15


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