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Mission Log 21B-3A
Team: 21B, All agents (7)
Mission: Recon of recent rise in Team Rocket activity and elimination of operation.
Location: Unspecified Location in Kanto
Audio and video feed from 21B-03 “Spider”
“Did you hear about the meeting today.” said a Rocket grunt to another grunt as they walked down the main eastern hallway of their temporary HQ. “What Meeting?” asked the other grunt. “Giovanni is going to meet with the company that has been funding our operation to discuss new research into the …”  the grunts voice trailed off as they passed into the east room. After a minute of silence, a man lowers himself from the ceiling using an Ariados. “Spider in position.” said the man as he approached the western door. “Copy Spider, wait for signal” came the response from his ear piece. Spider knelt by the keypad for the western door and reached for one of his Pokeballs and sent out a Joltik from the ball “Joltik get ready to blow the door control.” In response, Joltik climbed onto the keypad and started threading it’s electroweb into the mechanism. Over the earpiece, Spider received communication from another teammate “Unknown individuals have approached the building from an unmarked car, there are four in total. An escort from team Rocket has met them at the door. These people must be the investors, all agents report ready.”
“Spider ready”
“Truth ready”
“Relic ready”
“King ready”
“Melee ready”. A light on Spider’s gear indicated that their undercover agent had reported ready. After a short wait, the order was given “Engage.”
On this command, Spider yanked out the webbing from the panel causing the door to short circuit and be forced open. Spider ran into the next room startling two grunts, “Ariados, web the left one” Spider ordered, in response Ariados leaped upon the grunt to left of Spider while Spider tackled the right grunt. After incapacitating the two grunts Spider ran to the door whilst talking into his earpiece “I’m about to enter the main hall, what's the situation in there?”
“Spider this is Truth the … Hosti … Do not en … fallb …”
“Can you repeat that Truth … Truth?” Spider cautiously approached the door. As he got close to the door it burst inwards towards Spider with a massive blast of heat and flame knocking Spider on his back, dazed and injured. As he struggled to rise a figure emerged from the flame and approached Spider who communicated to his team “This is Spider, I've been hit and faced with an unknown hostile I need support.” The unknown person got to Spider and easily picked him up with one hand. (Spider’s feed is lost at this point, but team communication logs remain open for a short period)  “Spider this is Overwatch what is your position? Spider? Team respond does anyone have a location on Spider? Team? Truth? Relic? King? Melee? Anybody respond? I’ve been engaged by unknown hostile trainers and need support I repeat multiple unknown train….” (Audio feed cut)

21B-01-MIA “Truth”
21B-02-MIA “Overwatch”
21B-03-MIA “Spider”
21B-04-MIA “Relic”
21B-05-MIA “King”
21B-06-MIA “Melee”
21B-07-ACTIVE “Phantom”

“Did any agent make it out?”
“No one made it out sir, but 07 is still active and undercover.”
“Do we have any teams not on an active mission?”
“No sir, but I have an idea.”
“Now is not the time for one of your silly projects.”
“I don’t see any better for this one, Sir”
“Just give me the idea.”
“We can create a team of those with the skills and abilities we need if we just expand our search a little Sir”
“You mean take in people with no formal training ... Where would we find these people?”
“I took the liberty of making a few dossiers for potential candidates Sir”

That's the idea behind this RP. Characters are trainers with skills that would make the good special forces units, but who would normally be denied entry to the special forces for some reason. Characters are approached by a government official, told they are wanted for a special project and if they accept, they are put on a helicopter a flown away. The character form is below.

Name:(You know what a name is.)
Age: (I would say 18+ because I don’t think an elite special forces unit would use children no matter what the situation was.)
Pokemon: (Try and be creative and think of what a Pokemon could do outside of battle)
Skills: (What makes them a suitable candidate for this project and what made them unsuitable for normal recruitment)
Appearance: (Obvious)
Personality: (Also Obvious)
Starter-post: (What happens when your character is approached by the official and given the offer, up to the point the helicopter lands.)
Other: (Anything else)

All normal Rp rules apply and stuff.
Any questions or anything just ask me either here or by pm
I'll add my character later.

Just going to ask for a spot reservation so I can start thinking up a thing.

The Hooded Trainer:
Yeah, same here. Ive got a couple of ideas, but theyll need some work.

No problem. I am good at waiting.
Here’s mine (Might change some bits before we start)

Name: Riku Temoshi
Age: 18
Klefki, Lv 23, Female, Prankster
Hoothoot, Lv 10, Male, Keen Eye, Sometimes called Hoots
Magnemite, Lv 15, Analytic
Ditto Lv 20, Imposter
Zorua, Lv 25, Male, Illusion
Rapidash, Lv 40, Female, Run Away
Skills: Incredibly skilled lockpick and thief, being able to break into a building and take what he wants without leaving a trace. Previously dismissed as a candidate due to criminal activity.
Appearance: Approximately 5’6ft tall with a thin slender build. Light Blue eyes and messy medium length hair originally black, dyed steel gray. Typical clothing includes jeans and a work shirt worn under a personal leather jacket that he has modified to hold all his Pokeballs and tools. Clothing at time of recruitment is orange prisoner jumpsuit.
Personality: Riku is a casual man who seems to take everything in stride, lives in the moment and avoids thinking about the past. He looks after his Pokemon as partners and dislikes actually battling with them, his team is instead made to help him break into buildings easier. Riku is light-hearted and quick to make a joke and play tricks on others often using his talents to do just that, although he becomes serious while breaking into buildings. Despite being arrested his crimes were quite minor although numerous in quality, he displays some moral standards and has never stolen any money or done anything to harm someone else on purpose.
Starter post: Riku sat in his cell alone looking at the ceiling, they had transferred his cellmate elsewhere the day before and Riku couldn’t figure out why. As he sat lost in thought he heard someone approach the cell. “Have I got a new playmate yet, warden?” he said without looking down. “I’m not a warden Riku.” came the reply. Startled, Riku looked towards the door and saw a tall man in a suit carrying a briefcase. After getting wits about him Riku said “Ok suit, who are you then?”. “Just a man making an offer, an offer that means you can do some good.” the man replied.
“I don’t know if you noticed, but I’m in jail so why should I care about doing good?” Riku asked. “Because I’ve seen your record Riku, you never stole money or people's livelihoods, just insignificant items that wouldn’t be missed too much. And not to mention why you got caught by the cops in the first place, You broke into a house and discovered illegal activity inside so you alerted the police and stayed on the scene to make sure that the police caught the suspects. It’s just bad luck you happen to be a thief as well.” the man replied calmly. Riku took a step back, reassessing the man before him before asking “You’ve done your homework, I’ll give you that. So what do you want from me?”. “We want your skill as a thief in an experimental project for the special forces. Complete your mission and you’ll gain your freedom and as a bonus for helping, I’ll give you these back.” The man opened the case to reveal six Pokeballs. Riku tried to hide his excitement from the man, but still shook a little “I suppose given the situation.” Riku said trying to stay calm “I’ll have to accept your offer.” The man smiled and said “You made the right choice Riku.” The man opened the cell door and gave Riku the briefcase “Follow me.” the man said while moving away. Riku followed the man outside into a waiting helicopter. “So what next?” Riku asked as the helicopter took off. “When we get to the base you’ll receive further instructions, but until then I think these are also yours.” the man said handing Riku a folded pile of clothes “You’ll receive a room in which to change after the briefing.”. Riku smiled and put on his jacket over his jumpsuit and was surprised to find his tools still in the jacket “This is a new start for you Riku” he said to himself as the helicopter came in for landing.
Other: Born in Johto and was active as a thief in Johto and Kanto
You don’t have to go into as much detail with Pokemon or starting post you could go into more or less.

Ahh this looks like a really cool rp! Can I also ask for a spot? I'd like to think of any idea now, but I just got home from being out all day and I'm exhausted


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