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The name master:
OK. So since my last role play thread didn't go too well (0 replies) I'll try again.

You've got to make a character (a pokemon) for yourself using this:

Nickname (optional):
Other info:

Then type a short story for your character. You can just make a character and not make a story if you want! If you don't have a nickname, just put N/A

My character:

Nickname: N/A
Species: Dragonite
Level: 75
Moveset: dragon rage, hyper beam, dragon pulse, fly
Personality: friendly
Other info: loves malteasers!

the bread dragon:
this sure is a neat thread!

The name master:

--- Quote from: bread on October 03, 2016, 22:35 ---this sure is a neat thread!

--- End quote ---
What have I done? Could it be..... Bread actually...... Likes this?

sans the skeleton:
theres no plot, the form needs work, and thus there's nothing to reply to.

The name master:
You do know I am a total noob with role play?

The role play thread I made that got no replies had a plot, but this one that doesn't have a plot gets replies? Why is everything so backwards???


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