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"A Name Rater contest?" you might ask yourself. "Why's that?"

Well, you shouldn't ask, as we already have an answer available. It's here. You see, we recently received this message from the Name Rater:

--- Quote ---I really hope that in poor light, without my glasses and heavily under the influence of alcohol, a few of you might actually begin to look half suited to the task I'm about to suggest. I wish to announce my impending resignation as The Kanto Name Rater. I won't mince my words - the names are all appalling, the expectations too high and you can't get a decent insult thrown at you for want of trying. I cannot continue anymore, and in an effort to make myself even more of a legend around here, I need somebody only vaguely terrible to succeed me. That person could be YOU. If you can impress myself, my Johto cousin (and due to irritating contractual laws and results of late night Poker games, that hyperactive toilet brush from Route 201) then you could well be the person who becomes the new Kanto Name Rater.
--- End quote ---

So here's the thing. We are going to need someone to replace him. The admins are, as you know, too busy or too lazy to replace him. So, we're having a contest. During the coming few weeks, you people will get a chance to show us how good your name rating skills really are. Your names will be judged by the two name raters and Sentret and be voted on in the end by all the members. The winner will be added to the name rating team! Rejoice.

How is this going to work? Well, it's really simple. You now get about a week to prepare, ask questions, and so on, as well as signing up for the contest. After that, each week will have an assignment for all contestants that a are still in the race, involving several forms of name rating. The name raters and Sentret will judge these and grant immunity to one or two contestants, while the remainder of the group to continue to the next round will be decided through a poll on the forums. In the end, the best rater will be the winner and become the new PKMN.NET Name Rater!

A topic to sign up will appear in the PKMN.NET forum soon.

Ooh, and you'll see more stuff that was actually planned by use before this announcement appear over the next few weeks as well.

this sounds good.. i will wait for the sign up thread to come up.. :)

It's already up. :P Take a look around.

Ah... where is it?

This is like... my dream come true...

I have SO many questions I can't articulate into words, though!! D: Well, I'll try:

1. Should there be a "resumé" of sorts, i.e. reasons why one would be qualified to fill the Name Rater's shoes?
2. Is it going to be an elimination thing, where each person is given the same nickname and must rate it differently? Oh. Didn't see the explanation up there. ^^;
3. Count me in, please!

And I think that's it. o.o


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