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Role Play 'Tag's Index - (What those [P]'s and [R]'s mean...)


Trainer Dave:
Alright, here's what's happening with the role play 'tagging' system. Since there has been somewhat considerable uptake within the forum, we're now going to have two threads. The first (this one) will act as a list and explanation of accepted 'tags' which are in general use around the Role Play forum. The second (other) topic (Here) will host all discussion regarding new tags, queries on the system and anything else people might think of related to the subject.

Scroll down for more details on the system below the index
'Tag Index'
List of 'Tags' currently in use -

[J] - 'Joining' - A role play which is accepting applications for new characters.
[C] - 'Closed' - A role play which is not accepting new members.
[SP] - 'Short Posts' - A role play in which the majority of posts should be just one or two sentences. ('Semi-Lit')
[LP] - 'Long Posts' - A role play in which the majority of posts should be more than just a few sentences. ('Lit')
Note - Exact standards for RPs tagged [SP] or [LP] can be determined by the author within the RP's rules.
[Ad] - 'Adventure' - Denotes a role play with themes of adventure or exploration. Usually some sort of quest.
[Pa] - 'Past' - A role play set in the past, (pre-2000 AD).
[Fu] - 'Future' - A role play set in the future, (post-2015 AD).
[R] - 'Romance' - Denotes a role play based around romantic themes.
Note - [R] for 'Romance' does not need to be tagged just because you're allowing romance in an RP. It should be a major theme to merit a tag.[Sf] - 'Science Fiction' - A role play with heavy sci-fi themes, such as space, the undead, and similar ideas.

[A] - 'Animals' - Indicates a role play where the characters played are animals, be they wolves, unicorns or even pokemon.
[An] - 'Anime' - Indicating a role play based upon any anime series other than pokemon.
[F] - 'Fantasy' - A role play with themes which can range from mythical beings and worlds to magical wizards.
[M] - 'Media' - Role plays which are based around tv shows, movies, books, etc... Excluding Anime/Video Games.
[P] - 'Pokemon' - A role play set in the pokemon universe, be it playing as trainers, pokemon, or both.
[Pw] - 'Powers' - A role play in which the characters have some sort of supernatural/unnatural gift or ability.
[Pz] - 'Puzzles' - A role play featuring puzzles, riddles or other problem-solving as a theme.
[Re] - 'Reality' - Role plays based around or in our own universe. (Normal people, present day).
[S] - 'School' - A role play set within a school or academic environment.
[Vg] - 'Video Games' - Signifies a role play based upon a video game.
[X] - 'Crossover' - A role play which mixes themes and characters from two pre-made universes.

[Disc] - 'Discussion' - Non-role play. A topic related to roleplaying, which could be asking for ideas, advice, details. Anything which isn't an actual Role Play

- The Role Play 'tagging' system was started to help attract people into the right Role Plays. In short: it helps you find what you're looking for.
- The system works on the idea that people place 'tags', such as '[Pw]' in the thread title of their Role Play. Each 'tag' has a different meaning and gives an indication of what the role play is about.
- This in turn helps people to find what they are looking for, whilest attracting people who are most likely to be interested into the thread.
- This also gives you more precious space in your title to add more information.

Here's an example:
Searching Through Darkness.
Now, that doesn't really tell us much about the thread. Is that an adventure RP? A mystery theme? Some sort of rescue mission? It could be anything. But if we 'tag' it:
Searching Through Darkness. [P][A]
By adding the tags, using an agreed system, you should be able to draw that this is a Pokemon RP ([P]), with Animals ([A]) as a theme. This would most likely mean that the members will be role playing as pokemon, not trainers.
Note that tags can be added either at the start or the end of the thread's title. it's up to the user.
[P][A] - Searching Through Darkness.
Makes a decent alternative.

Have fun role playing!


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