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PKMN.net League Challenge (Take 2) - Challenger's sign up her first

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Name: Delicious_Scout
Preferred Type: Normal, Dragon/Ground
In-Game Too?: 50% (?)
Available Times: Almost all days from 15:00 GMT+1 until 00:00.
OU Showdown replays: This one!

Name: Spriter / Aqua
Preferred Type: Water / Ice
In-Game Too?: Nope
Available Times: Usually 12pm - 10pm each day, will change next week.
OU Showdown replay: Avast! Not the worst, it was a decent match.

Name: Chloe / Wolstenholme
Preferred Type: Grass or Psychic
In-Game Too?: No - sorry!
Available Times: When school is on only 4pm 'till 9pm GMT but on other days it's about 1pm 'til 11pm GMT. Obviously this can vary.
OU Showdown replay: http://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/ou-124102727 ((I haven't done one where it was an outright win because that's like... usually down to luck. This was my first battle after creating this team. It was a bit of a struggle but I think I did well. Okayyy?))

Name: JSM, Jamie
Preferred Type: Flying or Ice
In-Game Too?: Maybe eventually, would either need to play a lot to get some good legendaries/search for trades, unlikely though.
Available Times: Weekdays: 4:30pm or later, weekends fluctuate, but most of the time most weekends can be accomodated. (On holiday until Saturday, I hope that's not a problem my internets not good/reliable enough until then! Sorry :/)
OU Showdown replays: Not now, I can't battle while I'm on holiday, but I was doing pretty well in the last league, so you know I'm at least decent =P

Just a quick update;

Firstly, thank you to all of you who've applied, I already have some idea who seems best, and as we haven't had a new entry for over 24 hours, I will announce that a verdict will be made at some point tomorrow afternoon (noon exactly, if my plans permit)

Edit: Note, entries ARE still being accepted

Secondly, for a bit of feedback on each so far;

Richard - Everyone knows you have both dedication to the site and skill in battle, although your strength can sometimes be off putting to people challenging.

bread - Although I've never had the opportunity to properly see how well you battle, you clearly have a decent understanding and I know you try to fulfil requests quickly.

SB2K - That replay definitely didn't show your best side, and your reliance on having a good team can often be a fallback in monotype, but regardless you still understand battling and have dedication to your post.

DragonCat - As displayed from your willingness to help Richard with PotW, I know you're certainly willing to help the site, and whilst that replay didn't show your skill very well I know you have attempted to learn to battle so maybe something like this would help you do so.

Delicious_Scout - Your replays always have cool gimmicks, and that is what you must rely on in monotype, but then equally your craziness can often make it hard for others to understand what you're saying.

Spriter - Your steel gym did well, being second only to Richard if memory serves, and you had dedication to the gym. If I'm honest, I tried to write a negative point for everyone as well as a positive, but I'm struggling to think of one.

Chloe - I know how much you'd love the position, and your team in the replay shows many cool sets (Volt Switch Solar Power Heliolisk to avoid the HP penalty from solar power whilst still getting the boost), but I worry that with A2 coming up you may not be able to give the time needed, as much as you'd want to.

Jamie - You beat Richard 6-0 Nah, but still, I know you're a very good battler and although I don't know you very well you seem friendly enough, but obviously as an extension to not knowing you well I also don't know how much time you'd realistically be able to put in, but given you said you can spend most the weekend it shouldn't be a problem ^^


Okay, tried to give you each a positive and a negative, and I know some bits will sound a bit 'duh, I knew that' but it's more to let you know what I'm thinking than anything else.


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