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Pokemon Conquest style RP?

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I liked the idea of Pokemon Conquest with different kingdoms all fighting over territory. But the game was kinda disappointing. Anyway I think the idea could be made into a good RP and I have already got a story in mind. But I don't know how many people know the game and if no one knows the game it would be pointless typing up the story.

So would anyone be interested in a Conquest style RP.

I was considering doing a Conquest style RP myself, but it'd be somewhat difficult to work it out. If you write out the plot idea you have, it may entice people to give it a shot =]

I'm interested in this! c: I'm not too sure how I can help plot-wise except maybe raise some questions, but I'd be happy to help with the general map and how big/small territories are, assuming that territories are already set.

With the territories, if we had for example 10, we could make two maps, one with territories numbered and one without numbered territories and people just pick a number between 1 and 10? It could help with some character development, like how a character who just wants to keep their people safe would need to deal with having a large bit of territory with somewhat experienced warriors and an ambitious character who wants to rule the the country or something start with a small kingdom with slightly inexperienced warriors. I mean, it's just extremes, but.. yeah. Sorry if that was difficult to understand haha.

Well when it comes to territory ideas i'll take as much help as possible.

Plot idea:
One day in the land of [whatever] all of the lands warlords were called to a meeting ... and were never seen again. So it was left to the junior warlords to take control and keep there warriors in check or use this opportunity to attack other kingdoms. Meanwhile the warlords find themselves in an backwards realm which they can either try to escape or try and take over the other realm which has only one king who must be over thrown to escape or to control.

So I was think your character could be a Warlord, junior warlord, warrior (loyal or otherwise) or an other realm character either loyal to the king or opposed to the king.

So could this work as an RP?

With that many positions available, and with that many different areas, it's going to be too busy and/or too confusing to keep track of everything.

I like all the ideas there, but particularly the one about the Warlords in the backwards realm. It's simple and yet interesting.


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