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Plot: You are turned into a pokemon and teleported to an unknown location. You make it to Treasure Town. However, everyone has been talking about a certain strange event, a dark aura has taken over 7 of the legendary pokemon, namely: Articuno, Lugia, Rayquaza, Giratina, Landorus, Cobalion, and Arceus. You decide to try and stop this, but you are weak, (only level five, the dark legends are respectively, levels 45, 55, 60, 70, 80, 90, and 100.) and you are alone, (the legends hide in the dungeons and also have other pokemon at the end to help them). Will you try anyways? Of course you will. Luckily, you won't be alone.

No god-modding
No lime lighting
No power playing
Stick to the plot, please
Be nice
Follow site rules


Name: (Basically a nickname for your pokemon)

Pokemon: (Basic form, no legends, and pokemon that can evolve if you wish)

Gender: (Well duh)

Ability: (Dream world abilities are allowed)

Personality: 3+ lines

Moves: (Go with the first 4 moves learned upon leveling up)

Item: (A held item, like a band or scarf. You will pick up more as it goes on. Also optional)

Other: Other pertinent information for your character

Q and A:

Can I evolve?
Yes you can evolve, unlike the games.

Can I be a non starter pokemon?
Yes of course, you could be a starter from the actual series, like a charmander or an eevee, or you could be a pokemon like ghastly or bronzor, even a magikarp if you wanted to, although it is not recommended.

What if I leave for a period of time?
Well, if you know about it, you can ask someone else to control your character.

Can I refer to myself in the first person in the role play?
Yes you can.

What if I have any questions?
You can pm me and ask.

And now, sign ups are open! Here's my form:

Name: Blaze

Pokemon: Torchic

Ability: Speed Boost

Personality: Blaze is a proud and arrogant torchic who tries to be the hero all of the time. He doesn't make many friend because if this. However, deep down, he is compassionate, loyal, and a great leader who will do anything for his friends, even risk his own life. Also, he many times gets lost in a deep state of thought. 

Moves: Scratch, Growl, Focus Energy, Ember

Item: Power band

Other: When surprised or upset, Blaze will spew flames. Sometimes giving it away when doing recon or setting up an ambush. He's also a skilled healer/medic/cleric (call it any of these).

I'll do this tomorrow.

Alright, I'll reserve your spot.


Name: Ray
Pokemon: Deino
Gender: Male (woooot!  ^.^)
Ability: Hustle
Personality: Like every other Deino, I can't see so I bite and tackle everything to find out more about my surroundings but my teeth are pretty much none existent, so I mainly use my tongue to taste things. I'm very inquisitive and uncharacteristically friendly.
Moves: Tackle, Dragon Rage, Focus Energy, Bite
Item: Scope Lens
Other: Just a reminder that I cannot see!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Name: Zazu (nope, definitely not from The Lion King :unsure: )

Pokemon: Archen

Gender: I didn't quite understand what to put Male

Ability: Defeatist

Personality: He's rather pessimistic and will always assume the worst of a situation, often finding it hard to win in tight spots, although he rarely finds himself in those spots. He is compassionate, and can often overcome his doubts if a friend is in danger. Although he's a very capable leader, he dislikes being so, and so will be loyal to anyone who takes the claim of leadership.

-> Quick Attack
-> Rock Throw
-> Wing Attack
-> Leer

Item: Bounce band

Other: I can't think of anything at the moment...


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