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So, I have an idea for an rp. If I say nothing, I'll never stop thinking about it.

Basically, it's a boarding school for pokemon. The subjects and stuff like homework are like normal as humans. You know moves like regular pokemon. You don't wear clothes like humans, but you can wear hats, glasses, and the like (why, because I said so.).

I'll reveal more details as I get interest. So, questions?

Yes, I know it's corny! Deal with it, please.

Well ven. It's kinda corny, but as long as I can play the unpleasant, hostile student, I'm fine. Keep up the good work. ;)

I knew you'd say that, so that's why I reserved that spot for you.

Also, I know it's corny, but hey, if I get like 2 more people, It'll start.

Is anyone still interested?

sans the skeleton:
i'll lurk but i won't be joining i'm doing too much already


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