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Say Hello! / Ehehe Hello?
« on: July 05, 2021, 20:32 »
So uh I'm to introduce myself right? OK.

I'm Eeveon, a 13y.o female who is also on Quotev (Team Eon) and IMGFlip (Eeveon).
My nickname origin? Well I was thinking of a name a while ago for Eeveelutions, and I just thought... Why not name myself, Eeveon. Its a play for Eevee but with the cliche Eon at the end! Team Eon is my squad team, which pertains my friends who voice act different characters which are Ruby, N, Copen, Lumen, Lack-Two. I'm just my regular self, known of course as Eeveon in the Squad. We do tiny animations, but haven't made them public yet. Uh, that's about it for the origins on my nickname. So uh, BYE!!!


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