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Jake & Infernape:
Mine is this.

Charmeleon Lv27
Beedrill Lv17
Butterfree Lv12
Magikarp Lv5
Zubat Lv8
Pidgey Lv12

youre kidding. you bought that magikarp.

Jake & Infernape:
Yes I did but only cause I wanted to get a gyarados without catching it.

My team is:

"Spitfire" the Charizard
"King" the Nidoking
"Kinesis" the Alakazam
"Neptune" the Vaporeon (Lapras was a close second)
"Buzzkill" the Electabuzz and
"Hunter" the Scyther (to be evolved when I beat the E4)

It's pretty awesome, I'm currently at the E4, though my levels don't like me fighting the Elite's, I'll do it anyway :3

show those people even though you may be under leveled, you can beat them!!


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