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The Threee Rich Maniacs of Unova!

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You can sell all that unsellable stuff you have cluttering you bag now! THe three buyers are there to buy it all!

#1:Artifact Maniac

This guy, in the Riches Villa in Undella Town, buys relics from Undella Bay and flutes from the beachcomber. THis guy pays HUGE amounts like 200000 poke!

#2:Mineral Maniac

This one is to the right of the healing counter of the
Iccirus Pkmn Center. He guy buys evolution stones, pearls/pearl chains, nuggets, star/comet pieces, and any other mineral/clay for high or higher than average prices!

#3:Ingredient Maniac

This lady is in the camper on route 5. She will buy any food item (moomoo milk, castelicone, etc.) for it's purchase price. she also buys mushrooms and berries.

I was wondering where those were...Thank you! :o

Reshurott Inferno:
1. The Artefact dude is on the left side of the house, next to the display cases and what not. He also does not buy Arceus' plates.
3. The best berries to sell to her are the event-only Rowap and Enigma and Starf berries.

Also, there's an extra 'e' in the 'Three' in the topic name.

the bread dragon:
gonna pull a super necropost and point out that if youre going to be a grammar nazi at least spell correctly yourself

Awkward Squirtle:
Bread, this is a whole new level of necroing. I think your necromancy just reached max level. On an unrelated note, OP's font burns my eyes.


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