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Nathan's Soulsilver Nuzlocke Challenge

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This will be my first Nuzlocke challenge, and was inspired by Tim and Rich with their B/W Challenge, so credits to them for me starting my own challenge. This thread will be a diary of my successes and indeed of my struggles as I step into the world of Nuzlocke. The Nuzlocke Conditions are as follows:

- Any Pokémon that faints is considered dead, and must be released.
- The player may only catch the first Pokémon encountered in each area, and none else. If the first Pokémon encountered faints or flees, there are no second chances.
- All Pokemon must be nicknamed, thus creating more of a bond.
- The starter Pokemon must be with you at all times. If it ever faints, you die of heartbreak.
- Considering a black out/white out to be "game over," even if there are Pokémon left in the PC.
- Going to options and making the battle style "set". Making you unable to switch out between your foes' Pokémon.
- No catching/using of legendaries.
- Upon reaching Kanto (excluding the Pokemon League) you must build a new team starting with just your starter. Your Johto team cannot enter Kanto and vice-versa. The sole exceptions are when in the Pokemon League and at Mt. Silver.

Being a trainer was always something I strived to be. Watching everybody my age leaving to train their Totodile's, Chikorita's and Cyndaquil's among others...needless to say it was kind of hard to watch. Fortunately I wasn't alone in New Bark Town. My best friend Blake had the same problem - very strict parents.

However they couldn't stop us when we were 18.  Blake came to my house, buzzing with excitement about how he was going to get a pokemon. He'd somehow convinced his father to take him to Cherrygrove City to collect a new pokemon. Of course, I was invited. It was a pretty awesome journey on the way there. Sheer excitement and enthusiasm. Who knew that might be the last time we had that connection...

Upon arrival Blake decided to reveal something to me; he'd already gotten his pokemon. I stood in awe as he revealed the small, peach-coloured pokemon with the green leaf. A Chikorita. Lucky bugger. But then he told me how he got it...the dirty rat. I'd never have expected it...

Blake had stolen the Chikorita from Professor Elms Laboratory...he'd asked his father to drive us along to Cherrygrove so that he wouldn't be caught. In my disgust I tried to convince my friend to go back, but he wouldn't listen. He just got so agitated that he turned his back on me and left on towards the next city...needless to say I was upset. My old friend had changed...in his desperation to be a trainer he'd taken the dark route.

As I turned to walk away I found myself walking into something. Or rather, someONE. It was an elderly looking man, his face dirtied so it was impossible to see where the wrinkles ended and the dirt marks started. I apologised and was about to walk around the man, but he put his arm out to stop me. "C-can I help you sir?" What did an old man want with a teenager like myself?

 "I saw all of that...your friend...you want to help him don't you? I don't need your help...but I can help you with your problem." As I looked at the man I felt a chill run down my spine. His eyes seemed to drill into mine and through to my very heart, piercing it, inspecting every minor detail. What did he mean 'help me'? My question was soon answered, as he held out a small white item. An egg. My heart skipped a beat - although even now I'm unsure if that was out of excitement, shock, or fear. "If you want to help your friend...you will need to follow him and accept what troubles will await you. I have offered you my assistance. Now I must ask if what you feel in your heart is the same as what you feel in your mind. Are you ready to face your friend and save him before he loses all sense?"

It was a tough question...I guess I never thought of pokemon training in such a way...I always thought it was an easy path. I never considered there to be a serious reason for doing so. After mulling it over I nodded. Blake clearly needed help...and only I could help him. I turned to pull my wallet from my pocket, but as soon as I'd turned to face the man again he'd gone. Looking down I saw a small white card on the floor with just one word: Nuzlocke. I pocketed the card, hoping to have somebody explain it in the future. But for now I had to try to catch up to my friend. This is where my journey began...

CHAPTER 1 - First Steps

- A female Buizel hatched from the egg. Her little face deserves an elegant name, so I've named her Florence. She seems to have gotten the hang of battling already, but would still much rather play in the waters edge in Cherrygrove City. I guess it's good to have a playful pokemon since it means they're happy and comfortable.

- I took a glance back at New Bark Town. It's chaotic there because of the theft, so I didn't stay for very long. I spoke to my mother about what I was doing, and we agreed that I'd send some money to her to fall back on if I needed it. As I left New Bark Town I was jumped upon by a Pidgey. It was pretty easy to capture thanks to Florence's help. I've named him Peter. He's pretty agile much like Florence, and the two get along well.

- Surprisingly there were no other battles until I reached Cherrygrove. I healed up quickly then decided to step out to Route 30 to see what was there. Unfortunately I wasn't paying attention and knocked a Kakuna to the ground. But given how it only knew Harden, it wasn't a disaster. I decided to capture it, since I feel he could be useful later. I've named him Kyle. Unsurprisingly he doesn't move much, but hopefully he'll become more agile and powerful later. He seems happy allowing Peter and Florence to roll him between themselves for some reason.

- After some training at Route 29, Florence was beginning to grow impatient. So we headed off up towards Violet City. So far the trainers here have been easily dispatched. Probably demoralised by Blake already. Florence is surprisingly cheery. She's got me smiling at least, that's the important thing.

- Finally arrived in Violet City and we'll be taking some well deserved rest. Florence is still bouncing about but Peter and Kyle seem to be needing a nap. It's a case of the needs of the many outweigh the wants of the few, so Florence is gonna have to deal with that.

Florence - Level 7

- Water Gun
-Water Spout
-Quick Attack
- Pursuit

Peter - Level 8

- Tackle
- Sand Attack

Kyle - Level 7

- Harden

Good luck with the challenge then! I look forward to seeing if you can complete it (without dying of heartbreak!).

Uncle Garnetto:
I like that last rule, I'm gonna steal that one.
Any idea what egg you will use?

I know exactly what egg I'll use, since I used Platinum to get it. It will be revealed when it hatches. I've started the story off with a Prologue, and now, without further ado, I shall begin to play =]

Thanks for the good luck.

Good luck man, I'll be looking forward to reading this.


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