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Beating the Elite four- what's your Poketeam?

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i'm really new, and i hope that this isn't already a topic, but.....

this is to discuss the pokemon you used to defeat the Elite four.

mine are: a level 78 Infernape, a level 36 Kadabra, a level 45 Staraptor, a level 59 Lucario, a level 23 Geodude, and a level 45 Gyarados. i only used the Infernape to fight, and if his HP got low, I'd swap him out, hope that the weaker pokemon would survive, and heal the infernape. i had never been defeated. but, since it got deleted, i have to start over. my team for the next time will be a Empoleon, a Staraptor, a Graveler, a Lopunny, a Lucario, and a Luxray.

mismagius, staraptor, torterra, roserade, alakazam, gengar. That's the team that I used. I kicked their conceited butts so bad that I made the Elite Four look like the Petite Four. :P

Torterra, Giratina, Shaymin, Lucario, Luxray, Shiny Quagsire

That was when I was still a legendary-using noob (although it was an improvement compared to previous games).

I recently restarted Diamond, and the team I'm going for is Empoleon, Gallade, Luxray, Rapidash (may not stay in the team), Lucario and another undecided one.

The team I used to beat the E4 with back during my first Pearl play-through was Empoleon, Staraptor, Luxray, Roserade, Rapidash, and Mismagius (caught in that order too). As for the strategy that I used, I could not tell you! Hey, it was awhile ago, you expect me to remember these things?

I picked Piplup as my starter because...well...it's A PENGUIN; I mean come on. Starly because I always tend to catch that first flying type on the first route. Shinx because I thought it was just so adorable (of course). Budew because I wanted a grass type (and it was cute). Ponyta because Ponyta is AWESOME. And Misdreavus because I had never actually used one in-game before that.

Pearl was awesome; spent 400+ hours playing it. ^.^

Uncle Garnetto:
The first time around was infernape(BTW, a "choice" of starters with a monkey in it, c'mon Nintendo, make the choice hard) staraptor, dialga, luxray, floatzel and... I don't remember... Most likely a grass tyPe, I think carnivine


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