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The Macintosh Ninja: SOH CAH TOA:
I've started having difficulty loading the site. I'll navigate to the forums and it'll take upwards to half an hour before anything appears (links, text, pictures, etc.). However, I can access other websites (Yahoo!, Google, and several others; many of which are more taxing than this site) without trouble. It takes many tries to not get a "server isn't responding" message from my browser and when I do manage to get to the site I usually can't see much of it for a very long time.
I've reset my modem, used different browsers (Safari and Chrome), and used different computers.
I'm wondering if this issue is only on my side or if anyone else is having this trouble.

have you tried changing your dns setting? not sure, but it could be causing the problem, especially considering the use of other computers+resetting your modem

here is a guide if you're not familiar with the process.. try google's dns, which is

Trainer Dave: waited half an hour for it to load? =p

I doubt it'd be a DNS issue, although it might be worth trying. Perhaps it's something to do with your router if you have one? I'd also check any antivirus/firewall software you have isn't mistreating the site as dangerous or something.

Ichigo Kurosaki:
I have heard of a virus that some guys sent out to the globe. It affects the computers DNS settings or whatever. The news said that it would reroute the person to another site almost exactly the same and steal their login info.
Just an idea, though it might not be it at all. When I saw it I thought it might have been that.
Another thing could be a problem with your computer itself, or maybe the internet as a whole, not just a certain browser. It has happened to me before (but then my whole laptop crashed...) and that might be the problem. I'd run an antivirus check, just in case.
Or, it could be (if you use a router) a router, as said previously.

If it was that virus, no, you wouldn't get anywhere.

This seems very unlikely to be a DNS problem, it wouldn't cause occasional slowdowns or trouble to connect.

I don't believe there's a problem with our connectivity at the moment - we've had a couple of issues before, but those seem mostly resolved now.

Are there particular times when this happens? That would help me track down to see where it might be going wrong.


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