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Breeding in multiple games at the same time

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As of today, I now have 4 nintendo DS consoles (2 of them are 3DS consoles)

I love to breed pokemon especially with the masuda method, though I haven't had any luck with shinies yet.
I was wondering, if I use 4 DS consoles playing 4 games simultaneously and using the masuda method in all 4 games, will that increase my chances of getting a shiny?

I got a second 3DS for when X and Y come out if anyone was wondering.

Tried getting the shiny key? You get when you capture all pokemon in the dex?

I'm catching all of them for that.

It wouldn't increase your chances, but it would mean you'd be breeding faster, and you would therefore get a shiny faster.

I think he means the shiny charm

Sorry. I have no idea what that is.

*goes on google to look up Shiny Charm*


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