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ORAS Metagame
« on: October 30, 2014, 23:55 »
Thought I'd start a thread for predictions and thoughts on the new games metagame. Now that Pokemon Showdown's been updated for the inclusion of ORAS features, what better time to start speculation? With the introduction of so many mega-evolutions and the return of tutor moves, this is shaping up to be one of the biggest mid-gen shifts in the series so far. Pokemon that fans have been asking for a while have now received mega-evolutions (sorry Flygon), and even ones that have been almost forgotten about have returned with a new mega.

Personally, I've been having fun using Mega-Slowbro as a sort of Crocune with Calm Mind, Rest, Scald and Sleep Talk. Since his physical defence jumps to over 500 after mega evolving, and with calm mind boosts under his belt, Slowbro can easily become a giant unkillable Scald-spewing Beyblade of doom.
Mega-Salamence is also shaping up to be a pretty huge threat, with access to plenty of options thanks to his blend of recovery and staying power with Roost and Substitute, and the omnipresent threat of a sweep because of his infamous Dragon Dance. Plus, this is amplified now that he has one of the most powerful moves in the game with STAB: Aerilate Return.
Unfortunately, Richard seems to be right about Mega-Swampert. He's very underwhelming thus far, totally walled by many bulky waters (Rotom-w and Slowbro, mostly) and lacks recovery. What's more, even his base 140 speed in the rain is speed crawled by his grass type counterpart, Mega Sceptile, and also Mega-Bedrill. As with a few other Pokemon, had he arrived a gen earlier then perhaps he could've stood a chance but as it stands I've yet reason for him to be considered. Then again, his typing does make him a little tricky to take out bar Sceptile so there's something.
Speaking of which, Mega-Sceptile seems OK so far. Obviously, it's very fast but despite its buffs I still find its attacks to be somewhat lackluster still. I imagine it has no difficulties in tearing up squishies, such as Greninja, but otherwise it finds difficulties in most special walls, including Heatran and Zapdos. I suppose that's to be expected, if it could still beat those then it would be broken for certain. Mega-Sceptile should be comfortably seated in the OU tier.

That's all I'll say for now, obviously there's still plenty of untouched subjects. I still haven't looked through all the new tutor moves, but things like Gunk Shot Greninja and Crunch Gyarados are also worth discussing. Leave your impressions in this thread!

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Re: ORAS Metagame
« Reply #1 on: October 31, 2014, 00:28 »
I might "hate" you because of this. The storm of comments is coming!

Everyone get in/on their refuges!
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