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Trades / LF - Feebas
« on: June 08, 2014, 11:34 »
Sadly I'm not in possession of a Feebas and I'd quite like to raise a Milotic for my team. I don't have anything particularly interesting to offer but if there's something that anyone needs in return for a Feebas then I'm open to discussion~

I'm OK with receiving any old Feebas because I can breed a competitive-worthy Milotic myself.

Trades / [X and Y] Looking for... nothing!
« on: November 13, 2013, 20:56 »
Looking for... nothing right now! Check back later if you desperately want to help me ;)

I can offer:
Any items from the Battle Maison
Friend Safari Pokémon of interest, including Hidden Ability Fletchinder

Previous requests:

I need some assistance in evolving my Scyther to Scizor. Is anyone online and willing to do a quick trade + trade back? Taaaaa :)

X and Y/OmegaRuby and AlphaSapphire / Wonder Trades
« on: October 24, 2013, 21:23 »
So, has anyone done any Wonder Trades yet, and if so, had any luck or fair trades?

I just traded away a Bulbasaur I just hatched... and got a freshly caught lv 2 Bunnelby :|

Gaming / 3DS advice?
« on: September 29, 2013, 09:28 »
I've been determined for ages that I don't need a 3DS because my DS Lite still works fine (although one of the hinges is broken), but the new Pokémon 3DS XLs have kind of swung it for me. I'm just wondering whether it's worthwhile buying my first 3DS brand new this much after release - are there enough games to make it worth it?

Just looking at a few, I know the games I would get would be   X and/or Y, FE: Awakening, Animal Crossing, Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance, Resident Evil Revelations and possibly Luigi's Mansion.. Are there any other games that'd make it worth my while getting a 3DS?
(If Digimon Re:Digitize Decode ever got localised I'd be straight onto the 3DS but alas it has not been so far.)

Character Guides / Jamie Miller
« on: April 01, 2012, 21:19 »
Name: Jamie Miller
Age: 17
Gender: Male

Description: Jamie stands at 5ft9, and although he is fairly thin he has well-built muscles from extensive field training. His dark brown hair stands on end, swept any which way as guided by his hand. He is Caucasian, and his dazzling blue eyes seem contradictory when you consider his personality.

His typical outfit consists of a plain white t-shirt, navy skinny jeans, converse and a charcoal grey trench coat, worn open in the summer and autumn months; he is never seen without it, even on the hottest of days. He carries a camouflage rucksack over his right shoulder, although it is usually empty. He avoids wearing black and red to distance himself from his past as part of Team Rocket.

Personality: Jamie is a controlled, confident and assertive individual. He rarely expresses emotion, but this does not mean that he is lacking in passion.  He is a furious battler and seeks to assert his dominance over other trainers through battle as often as he can. He seeks out battle tournaments, Gym Battles, and any other battle he can participate in. In the rare moments that he does show emotion, you will see it in his eyes more often than you see it in his face. On an average day, he’ll merely be quite blank and fairly blunt. And every day is an average day. He does not seek out rivals, and will rarely acknowledge anyone as rival material. His only concern is how he measures up to other trainers, regardless of who they are.

Jamie has a particular dislike for bold, vocal women. They remind him of his former squad leader, who committed him to a strict training regime which left him with his obsession with strength and battling, and also his usual lack of emotion.

History: Jamie was born in Goldenrod City in Johto to Max and Serena Miller, a couple who devoted their time to supporting the Radio Tower and its efforts. They initially volunteered when it was to be built, and stayed on as technicians, working around the clock to ensure the smooth running of its stations. Even when Serena fell pregnant, they both worked on as usual. Serena’s pregnancy was normal and uneventful, and she returned to work within weeks of Jamie’s birth. He was passed from sitter to sitter throughout his life, and never truly had a relationship with either of his parents. He desperately tried to catch the attention of his workaholic parents, wandering as far as the Ilex Forest and National Park alone in his efforts. When this was not enough, Jamie decided to spend his time in the Goldenrod Tunnel, knowing this would worry his parents enough to dedicate some time to him. His plan backfired; the recently disbanded and relocated Team Rocket kidnapped him on his first visit to the tunnel, and he was taken to Mahogany Town’s TR Base. People went missing from cities often, and Goldenrod was no exception to this. He would eventually be brushed aside as another statistic.

After arriving in Team Rocket’s base, Jamie was forced into their ranks. Archer had called for children to be raised as Team Rocket members, forcing them into strict routines and training regimes to instil Team Rocket’s ideals in their minds. The children of existing Team Rocket members were required to be taken in, and Grunts were ordered to round up lonely children across the Johto region. The spirit of a child was easily broken and shaped, and Archer was well aware of this. Personalities were changed, memories were forgotten, and old habits were replaced. They would become unrecognisable, a shadow of their former selves, and would ultimately prevail as Team Rocket members. Jamie loathed being held captive, but was unable to resist them. He wished for the day that he could break free from their grasp, but also knew he had nowhere else in the world. His parents, who never paid him the attention he craved, would never accept the bitter and merciless Pokémon trainer that Team Rocket had nurtured.

Every child was given a young Pokémon that had been bred in Team Rocket captivity, and Jamie connected with his Nidoran instantly. The two grew together, winning every battle they took part in, which led to her speedy evolution into Nidorina. However, Archer’s plans did not all go smoothly, and he was defeated months before Jamie was due to be initiated as a skilled Grunt, ready to be fast tracked to the Executive level. Team Rocket’s fall was a blessing in disguise, and only one hurdle remained. The last of the Grunts were instructed to take the now teenage captives to safe houses across the world; Jamie was housed in Celadon City, Kanto, along with two others. After the mandatory safehousing period had passed, Jamie left immediately, crushing Nidorina’s ‘R’ emblazoned Pokémon against a rock. Jamie returned to Johto, having little direction in his life other than his conditioned need to become one of the strongest trainers in the world. Johto was familiar to him, and he understood the Pokémon he would encounter. He intends to return to the Mahogany Base first before deciding his course of action.

Active Topic: None

Friends: None

Enemies: None


Nidorina, Sassy nature
Broken Pokéball

Sludge Bomb, Double Kick, Fury Swipes, Focus Energy, Growl

Jamie received Nidorina in the Mahogany Base as a NidoranF. Like the Pokémon given to Jamie's peers, she was bred in TR captivity and was given to a developing trainer to foster a close bond and promote early maturity in both trainer and Pokémon, which typical Team Rocket Grunts seemed to lack. She has asserted herself as a prime battler since day one, and has become confident in Jamie's care. She is a more vocal extension of Jamie; she shares his passion for battle, but is more confrontational and will attempt to bait a battle out of even the most placid of Pokémon. Jamie attempted to destroy her Pokéball as an act of removing his affiliation to Team Rocket, but she is still bound to its damaged husk. She walks by Jamie’s side at all times.

Town Map
Pokéballs x 5


Character Guides / Character #2: Kat Freeman [Retired]
« on: May 10, 2009, 12:04 »
Name: Katharin "Kat" Freeman
Age: 10
Gender: Female

Description: Kat is of an average height for her age, possibly taller. Her dark hair seems to shine in the light, rather brightly considering her hair is near black. Her eyes are blue, and rather dull, and she wears a yellow dress with simple fitted blue jeans. Her brown boots have been worn for a long time, and are both stylish, which Kat likes, and rather practical. She wears a small red cardigan over her dress which is sometimes accompanied by a scarf in cold weather, and when it is raining she wears a blue raincoat. She keeps her Pokeballs at her belt, and has a tote bag which she keeps all her items in. She keeps a hairband attached to her wrist, which she never has a use for, but is there "just incase she needs it".

Personality: Kat seems to be good at heart, and will help anyone is she has a reason to. She tends to be rather lazy with Pokemon training, and overconfident in many aspects, leading her to be open to weakness and lack of skill. Her inexperience makes her seem very clumsy, and she tends to ignore good advice, wanting to get by on her own. She has a childish look on life, and enjoys collecting items due to her childhood. She needs a stable friend and someone who can get her in the right direction. She is rather interested in the Sinnoh League, and seeks to enter by challenging the many Gyms.

History: Kat had a normal childhood, living in Floaroma Town with her mother, having no father figure in her life, or any other relatives around her. She loved to play outside in her mother's prized garden, loving to water the garden with her mother's Jumpluff, who would release cotton spores to make the garden look amazingly beautiful during summer. Her time inside would be taken up by her item collections, and her childish naivity often kept her amused. She left on a Pokemon journey shortly after her tenth birthday with her new partner, with little to no experience of the world outside.

Friends: Michael Bell, Snap Shard
Acquiantances: Josh, Alicia [NPC]
Enemies: Pokémon Hunter

Topic: Hide and Seek in Sinnoh.


Chimchar, female

Hasty nature
Moves: Scratch, Leer, Taunt, Ember
Caught in Pokéball.
This Chimchar is very young and excitable, feeling the need to chase after everything that moves. She seems to be a competent battler despite her age and lack of experience, but her hasty nature tends to make her dive straight into battles, which when paired with Kat's inexperience and overconfidence makes a deadly combination. With the right attitude, Kat and Chimchar might pull off some amazing battles.

Misdreavus, female.

Gentle nature
Moves: Astonish, Psywave, Thunderwave, Payback
Misdreavus was responsible for saving Chimchar from the trainer who tried to steal her in Floaroma Town. She seems to have attached herself to Kat and likes to hover around her shoulder at times.

Poochyena, male.

Lonely nature.
Caught in Pokéball.
Moves: Tackle, Bite, Howl
Kat caught this Poochyena not far from the Cycling Road while finding firewood. It was slamming itself against a tree and became trapped under a branch, prompting Kat to free it. Before battling it, Kat discovered it had no sense of smell, and acts purely on instinct alone.

Minccino, male.

Jolly nature.
Given in a Pokéball.
Moves: Pound, Growl, Helping Hand, Doubleslap
Kat received Minccino from Professor Juniper for winning a tournament that was broadcast live throughout Sinnoh on Battle Sinnoh. Because of its rarity outside Unova, Minccino is a coveted species and he will provide much attention for Kat. Minccino is a cheery Pokémon that is often seen smiling, but his happiness is not overbearing. He is friendly and supportive of others.

Key Items:
Pokégear; Orange and Black


Sinnoh League:
Forest Badge

Character Guides / Zeke Matthews
« on: May 16, 2008, 19:53 »
Name: Zeke Matthews
Age: 14
Gender: Male

Description: Zeke stands at 5ft6, and has mid-length brown hair. His eyes are a deep brown, with the iris leaking into his pupil in both eyes. His hair is partially straightened, and a bit fuzzy in places. He wears a black zip-up jacket with a blue t-shirt underneath. He also wears two armbands, one on each arm, and blue jeans. He wears a red scarf, although this is mainly for colder weather. He has a yellow rucksack to keep all his items inside. He is fairly thin, although spending time at home has resulted in a little weight gain.

Personality: Zeke is often seen as the little brother of the groups he joins, usually being the youngest of them. He is usually quite cheerful and friendly, willing to offer advice to others, even if they are more experienced than him. Through spending time with Xander, Tramp and Vince, Zeke has become a more competent battler, but still believes himself to be far from Contest-worthy. If he sees a Pokemon or a person in trouble, he will act without hesitation, often getting him into trouble. Being a coordinator-in-training, Zeke has begun to consider the natural abilities of his Pokémon and is currently devising new battle styles for his Pokémon.

History: Zeke lived with his mother and sister in New Bark Town, a small town in Johto, having no interest in Pokemon or the world around him. A random encounter with an Aipom from a nearby plain made Zeke more interested in the world beyond his home. The two spent much time together, with Aipom eventually moving in to the family home, and after 2 years of friendship, Aipom allowed Zeke to capture her. Although he was officially a Pokemon Trainer, he decided to stay at home rather than travel. After his sister's 10th birthday, he decided it was time he and Aipom travelled the world. Despite setting himself on the path of a coordinator, Zeke has suffered many losses which have set him back. With a few more wins and ideas under his belt, Zeke is slowly becoming a more accomplished trainer.

His mother, named Kasey, is a Pokémon Breeder who keeps a small amount of Pokémon in a small garden, and his sister, Melanie, is currently travelling throughout Hoenn with her partner, a Treecko.

Friends: Kristian Royap, Taylor "Ty" Seraito, Gordo Wilde, Charlie Blacksmith, Dane Umbran, Tyler Wilkins, Thomas Tramp, Xander Blake, Vince Gurin, Tyra Jordon, Lyra Evans, Evan Goldman.

Enemies: None.

Pokemon on hand:
Aipom - Female. Modest Nature. Wearing Everstone

Ability: Run Away
Ball: Poké Ball
Moves learnt: Swift, Sand Attack, Shockwave, Fury Swipes, Screech, Shadow Claw, Tickle, Bounce
Combinations/Improvised Moves: Shock Shield
Aipom was Zeke's first Pokémon, whom he met in New Bark Town. The two have only a few experiences together, but this does not prevent them from holding a close bond. Through brief training with Dane in Orre, Zeke became confident in using Aipom's newly developed speed-based techniques, though this confidence has since dwindled. Aipom is far from confident in her own abilities, and finds it difficult to grasp new strategies. She will always give her best effort in battle, following Zeke's commands closely.

Houndour - Male. Timid Nature.

Ability: Flash Fire
Ball: Premierball
Moves learnt: Leer, Ember, Howl, Smog, Fire Spin, Will-O-Wisp, Overheat, Roar, Bite, Fire Fang
Blaze was given to him by his friend Ty after his loss at the Kanto Pokémon League. Ty and Blaze seem to have quite a history. He seems quite young and timid, but nonetheless a willing fighter. Blaze seems hesitant under pressure, possibly from his young age combined with Zeke's inexperience. Zeke has taken the time to concentrate on Blaze both in and out of training, leading to a change in their bond. Blaze is no longer hesitant to follow Zeke's command and is more comfortable in his company, but this is only the beginning of their development.

Skorupi - Female. Bold nature.

Ability: Battle Armour
Ball: Safari Ball
Moves learnt: Knock Off, Pin Missile, Poison Sting, Bite, Acupressure, Scary Face
Zeke came across Skorupi in the desert of the Cianwood Safari Zone, catching her because of her very forward attitude. Skorupi has proven herself to be a competent battler with a strong will, and she will volunteer herself for battle ahead of Zeke's other Pokémon. Through training with Blaze, Skorupi has become more capable of dealing with Physical attacks.

Totodile, male. Gentle nature.

Ability: Torrent
Ball: Poké Ball
Moves learnt: Scratch, Leer, Water Gun
Totodile hatched from the egg that Zeke received near Ecruteak City. Zeke treats Totodile as a child in most respects, and is taking Totodile's training in small steps. So far, Totodile recognises it has attacks and that they can be used in battle, but the Water type has no interest in battling so far. Zeke is currently trying to teach Totodile to defend itself with its attacks. Outside of training, Totodile seems to be a cheerful Pokémon who enjoys inspecting new things. He often takes walks, sometimes alone, and Aipom is usually drafted in to keep an eye on him.

Emolga, male. Rash nature.

Ability: Static
Ball: Poké Ball
Moves learnt: Air Slash, Thundershock, Quick Attack, Pursuit, Double Team, Tail Whip
Zeke met Emolga around Route 1 while Xander and Tramp focused on a practice battle. Emolga attacked without warning, but was subdued when it relied on its Quick Attack to strike Skorupi. He seems to be fairly strong and is a confident flier, but he overestimates his own battle skills. He's a bit of a brute towards others and will challenge anyone to a battle, regardless of their size.

Phenac City Pokémon Contest - Second Place
Ecruteak City Pokémon Contest - Second Place
Olivine Frontier Festival:
Battle Hall - Reached Second Round
Battle Arcade - Finalist

Key items:

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