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Fake Whatever / Make your own Fakémon!
« on: July 29, 2013, 15:02 »
Simple. Just make your own pokemon, including level up moves and typing, as well as a description of what it looks like. You could even make a new dex entry for it, or go much further and make a sprite for it!

As a thing to avoid problems, try not to post new moves for your Fakémon, because that sorta thing's for the move thread. If it's exclusive to your new Fakémon, go ahead =)

Otherwise, go nuts!

Forum Games / Elbowfest
« on: September 03, 2011, 17:45 »
I may have borrowed the idea from elsewhere, but do to the popularity of the Headdesk thread thing, this could be a hit. Hopefully.

The Rules are very simple, and abiding by them is the wisest thing to do.

1. Type a word or phrase.

2. The person who posts next must type the same word, but with their elbow.

3. If you post it and it is perfect, you may be thought of as typing it with your fingers. Don't. But if you can post with clear words by typing with your elbow, it's fine.

4. After you have typed with your elbow, post a word for another person.

And no backspacing

And so on and so on.

I'll start:


Character Guides / Ryan Rosstone
« on: June 26, 2011, 17:23 »
Name: Ryan Rosstone

Age: 14 (Birthdate: 7/11/1997)

Gender: Male

Starting Region: Unova


He is 5' 7 in height. He weighs around 65kg, but thinks that he is somewhat fat due to his large appetite. He has dark brown, small-spiked hair that somehow improves his morale when he admires it in the mirror, giving him a good reason to hate hair-cuts. His face consists of medium-toned peachy skin, deep and piercing green eyes, a thin but short nose after a fall pushed his once long nose upwards. His lips are thin and lightly-coloured, which conceal almost whitened teeth, healthy ones at that.

He loves to wear his grey-black shirt that has a picture of Alder and his Bouffalant with the phrase "Unovan Glory" underneath it. His body is very healthy with toned peachy skin. He has comparably thinner arm muscles due to being born with a non-threatening type of muscle dystrophy, but has very healthy leg muscles. His legs are, as stated just, healthy and his feet are also quite fine.

Personality: He is very determined to win the Unovan conference to make him feel true and living. He has been known to be very helpful and intelligent, which causes him to try and take control of any situation he can, but usually messes up quite epically. He does, however, keep full composure under pressure. That has helped him escape tense situations in the past, and continues to do so now. When around a pretty girl, he still keeps perfect composure around her, but can slip up at the wrong times, i.e acting snobby which he normally doesn't. Through his current travels, he has developed a sense of slight rush and impatience.
He loves Grass and Flying Pokémon which explains why he likes walking through forests. He likes music with some form of guitar / country music playing, and also plays the acoustic guitar on his trips through forests. He attracts Pokémon when he plays, and has a close bond with these Pokémon. He also has a unique ability to tame Pokémon with his music. He hates certain spiders(e.g. Black and Red patterned Tarantulas), but loves colourful ones(e.g. Blue, Yellow, Green, Orange or Silver patterned Tarantulas) which explains why he likes Joltik and Galvantula.


He lives with his mom, Elena and used to live with his dad, Joey, who died soon after arriving in Unova due to a heart attack. He grew up happy, enjoying all the trips he was taken on, including most notably, Zoo visits. His fondness for colourful spiders was dangerous at times, as he was bitten by at least four, fortunately, non-poisonous exotic spiders. He also came close to being bitten by a black widow, but he killed it before it did. When he was 12, he went out with a girl called Zepha, who moved away from him to Hoenn when he was in Sinnoh.He has experienced many forms of bullying in the past, which have caused his anger to explode in powerful bursts, but has learned to control it when he started to learn about Pokémon at Professor Rowan's Universal Pokémon School. He became inspired to become a Pokémon trainer when Alder visited the school. He was denied the chance to start off in Sinnoh on more than 3 occasions, before Alder visited his school. Then his family moved to Unova, where his Father died. Professor Juniper has since said that she will let him go on a journey through Unova when the time is right...

In the past 3 months, he found two Pokémon eggs in the forest he occasionally visited. He had no idea who-or what-had left the eggs there. After 5 short weeks, a week before he would go to the lab, they hatched into an Eevee and a Tangela, who have used their moves to help around his home, i.e. Vine Whip to move things, Iron Tail to cut things, which cemented their position as family helpers. He will, however, be taking them both with him. He plans to evolve them both into a Leafeon and Tangrowth respectively.

Friends and Enemies:

Adam Winters
Joshua Rose
Michael Edwards
Thomas Tramp



@ Chesto Berry
Gender: Male
Nature: Quiet
Moves: Tail Whip / Tackle / Iron Tail / Shadow Ball / Leaf Blade
Description: It willingly helps out around Ryan's home, cutting things and cleaning things up, but is very quiet, usually snuggling up in Ryan's bed. It loves to eat when it can, but otherwise, doesn't mind anything else. Apart from water, which it drinks, but hates to be around. In fact, if it spys a puddle, it immediately ducks behind a tree or bush. This is because it almost drowned in it's younger years, and still remembers the incident. It evolved into Leafeon during a battle against Virizion, learning Leaf Blade and eventually defeating Virizion.

@ Yache Berry
Nature: Bashful
Gender: Female
Moves: Vine Whip / Tackle / Leech Seed / Sleep Powder
Description: It usually shys away from most people, and if it doesn't, it gets all embarrased and shy, and makes a fool of it's self. It loves helping when it can, and also likes water, which scares Eevee when it messes around with it, which rarely happens due to it being bashful.

Nature: Careful
Gender: Male
Moves: Tackle / Pound / Growl / Tail Slap
Description: It enjoys cleaning up anything that is dirty, but takes a lot more care than usual when standing up in battle, which can slow it down. It is young and needs a good trainer to raise it. It enjoys being cleaned as do many Minccino, but also likes to be dirty so it can clean itself more. It was defeated in it's first battle against Josh and Oshawott.

Nature: Rash
Gender: Female
Moves: Snarl / Growl / Scratch / Assist
Description: It is a rather Rash pokemon, and is quite devious. It's physical strength is quite bad, but it's excellent ability to use Snarl makes up for it, just about.

Nature: Adamant
Gender: Male
Moves: Ancientpower / Wide Guard / Aqua Jet / Crunch
Description: It is rather new to the team, but isn't yet comfortable with Ryan. It does have some very powerful moves to use, like Crunch and Aqua Jet. It has managed to use its' Ancientpower attack to great effect on many occasions.

Nature: Gentle
Gender: Female
Known Moves: Shadow Sneak / Psychic
Description: Ryan caught this Pokemon when a group of Ghost Pokemon, a Volcarona and a Terrakion attacked Ryan and his friends. It attempted to attack him, but later decided to accept Ryan as a friend. Not much as known about her.

Key Items:
Journal - To record what he has done every day of his usual life.

Bag - Provided to carry whatever he wishes, bought for him a week before his starter choosing at the lab.

Pokédex - To view data on any Pokémon inside of Unova.


The Trio Badge

The Basic Badge

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