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Looking for a Bonnie?

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Hey guys, it's Lyude from IRC, yes, I actually have an account on these forums!
Anyway, a user by the name of "Bonnie" used to go onto the #pkmn.net channel... has anyone heard from her recently? I've been trying to get in contact with her but I have had no luck.

Matty Cahill:
She hasn't been on here in ages... she might have left when I got made a mod all the way back then actually...

Haven't seen her on the forums for a lonnnng time. 'Fraid I can't remember what her display name was, I can't even point you in the right direction. :\

Oh my god
Chandler? In MY FORUM?

And I barely remember Bonnie/Sarah whatever.  I think she left as soon as I joined o0

Has anyone thought to get in touch with Clyde? 8)


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