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Happy Birthday Richard & Blaziken!


Utack and Swampy:
Ha! This year, I'm the first one to make this topic, in your face everyone else!  ;D

Richard & his Blaziken are very fantastic fellows! One of them writes the Pokemon of the Week Articles, while the other regularly spends time owning people in Ubers matches... I'll let you figure out which one is which!

Yup, he's turned 22, and a really fantastic writer, battler, imagination-er and friend! Happy Birthday buddy, may your year be filled with awesome victories, and awesome 6th generation Pokemon that aren't Fire/Fighting!

The big 22, huh? I remember things being decent when I was that age... I think? Anyway, hope your day is swell, and hatch a Torchic to share your b-day, why don'tcha?

Happy birthday, mate. I hope you have a good one. :)

Happy birthday Richard, I hope your day was absolutely lovely!! vuv


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