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Happy Birthday, Utack (and Swampy?)


Richard and Blaziken:
Okay, so while we may not know Swampy's exact age (he won't tell me!), our resident Mudfish fanatic turns 22 today!

I've been good friends with Utack since we left Littleroot together and he stole all my berries. Utack's a really great friend, though many people would never even know it! He may present himself as a silly guy with his amazing comic making skills, incredible funky Trainer sprites and love of Irish drinking music, but he's a really deep, intellectual guy that I can talk to about anything and always come out with a clearer understanding of said topic.

I'm extremely grateful to have you as a friend, Utack. Hope you have a wonderful birthday! 8D

Happy birthday, King of the Mudfish! Hope your day is full of Mudkips! And a very merry Unfishmas to Swampy, too! ;D

aww, happy birthday Utack. We haven't talked in a long time, but still i hope your day was awesome yeah!! ;u;

Utack and Swampy:
Thanks guys, we had a very fun birthday, filled with tromping around Swamps and mud wrestling 8D


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