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Britain's First Female PM Dies

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No more Maggie. The lady who was not for turning.

Sure, she managed to hold on to our biggest supply of oil, she let council tenants buy their houses off the council and helped end Communism in Europe...

But she screwed thousands of northerners out of their jobs...

Any thoughts on the passing of one of our most controversial PMs ever?


--- Quote from: Milsap on April 08, 2013, 18:13 ---But she screwed thousands of northerners out of their jobs...

--- End quote ---
aaaaand other governments haven't done that?

i've made my opinions known on tumblr and facebook because i am done with everything

british politics has lost a great light so that's all i have to say on the matter ok.

I'm just having fun looking at the tweets flying around.

Her regime screwed over my dad's family so I guess he's happy she's gone. lol.

A person has died.

That's all I see it as. Had I lived through the 80s to be personal witness to how badly she screwed the poor over then I might be less sympathetic.

Saw this on FB which kinda sums up my feelings:

--- Quote ---Just saw a news report where a Labour politician suggested that a tea party organised for the day of Thatcher's funeral in Toxteth in Liverpool was unnecessarily "cruel and vindictive". I take it he never read how her government secretly suggested they shouldn't waste public money on the 'stony ground' of Merseyside, saying it would be like 'trying to make water flow uphill' and the then Chancellor Sir Geoffrey Howe's urgings to consider a policy of 'managed decline' for the city?

I for one thought she was evil. People might disagree with that but that's my view. No, I wasn't an adult living through hardship in the 80s but I'm an adult living now in a world of corporate greed and privatisation, inculcated by her regime of "individualism" which I fundamentally disagree with. I can't deny that she created a legacy and was a strong woman. It's just unfortunate in my eyes that she was wired all wrong...
--- End quote ---

I can't say much about the "evil" part- like the poster I was in nappies during the latter half of her time in power so it's not like I remember anything. But, like, the poster, I am an adult living in a country where we are seeing the fallout from some of the things that happened then, for example, the right to buy policy. Now I'm sure it was a great idea then but now there's a severe lack of social housing for those who need it because those who had it before, and of course needed it then, own it all and aren't for letting it go.


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