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Pokémon for Water Aid!

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Hi everyone!

My friends and I are doing a several-day Pokémon marathon to raise money for Water Aid and if you could drop us a little donation or just pop in and say hi that'd be amazing!


Donating means you get to choose what Pokémon we use or can enter you into a raffle to win a lovely watercolour of one of the Kanto starters.

So yeah, come pop in and watch us play Red at silly o'clock in the morning!

Pretty cool stream, they've moved onto Stadium now, and they'll be doing Emerald next. Definitely check it out.

You're doing a cool thing Kay.

Glad you've been enjoying it, Del! We've nearly hit the £300 mark! ^^ Stadium was hilarious haha, Blaine and Giovanni took us over an hour each (having chat pick the teams is.. interesting xD), but we finished and moved onto Emerald again. Once we finish this, we'll be doing Silver =]

Hey, kay, you're up to pokemon stadium, this is a great thing you're doing.

Eh? We finished the stream like a month ago xD are you rewatching it? Glad you're enjoying it either way! ^^

EDIT: OH, Jason's currently streaming something completely different on his channel, what's showing on there now is nothing to do with the charity marathon haha. Like I said, that was a month ago xD


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