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Alfie Timewolf:
Right, I need help with my costume for the Comic-Con in Dublin next month.

I'm going as Arthur Dent from the 2005 The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy movie and I've run into a few problems.

1) the green bathrobe

2) the red/maroon striped pyjama bottoms

I'd appreciate it A LOT if anyone could help me out. Bare in mind that I live in the UK though lol

well theres this site called google idk if youve heard about it

Sebastian Moran:
id say mull around charity shops, thats where i find most of my stuff. 
or bargain shops, or even ebay i guess, the pyjama bottoms at least dont have to be top quality.
for the dressing gown maybe get something a bit better quality, particularly if youll actually end up using it after. 
so... yeah bog standard advice, just wander in and out of shops on the high street until you find something that fits the bill. 
youll probably know which local shops are best for you, i have no idea where you live and  even i did... i probably still wouldnt have a clue where to direct you. 
i wouldnt worry all that much about matching it to the film 100%, pyjamas, gown and towel automatically says arthur dent to me, its a well-known enough image from the hg2g ~franchise~. 
by which i mean dont sweat if you cant find THE EXACT SAME THING just poke about and see what you stumble across that looks like itll work well. 

.~:Sly Foxx:~.:
Seconding the suggestions to look around charity stores! And some people may disagree with me, but sometimes, you may be worth your while asking in the charity stores if they happen to have what you're lookingnfor in the back. Definitely not worth it in most stores, but in charity stores, they will occasionally have stock they just haven't put out yet because it came in recently/they don't have the floorspace/they're doubtful about whether it will sell. Above all be patient, and good luck!


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