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Your Favourite Food?

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So yeah...as the topic subject says, what's your favourite food of all time? It can be anything.

Mine is steak because it's juicy and fun to eat  ^.^

What about you?

Nothing like a good Chinese. yum. :angel:

ill eat anything. even if it isnt digestible ill eat it anyway. i like the challenge.

Anything with chilli in it as long as it isn't impossible to eat. Can't beat a nice curry either <3 or anything smothered in gravy. Has to be thick no watery stuff.
Favourite snack fooods rn are smore poptarts and double deckers. Anything with chocolate really.

.~:Sly Foxx:~.:
I go through phases... Right now my phase is more of a drink - Cherry tango, /yum/ <3 Seriously guys. I know it sounds disgusting - I don't even LIKE tango. Or cherry-flavour things. But it really is just that good, so give it a try.

Also, deep-fried Mars Bar. And I've been craving another deep-fried pizza for a while now.


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