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We appear to be having in a little trouble in certain types of topics, and then in remember that those topics are banned. Below are the current topics we have bans on:

  • Topics which make fun of, or promote a specific religion to the extent followers of other religions will find it offensive
  • Topics which go against a certain way of life (e.g. homosexuality)
  • Anything which breaks the rules
  • Leaving topics - nobody cares.
Other than that, talk about literally anything that isn't illegal, but please, use your common sense. Ask yourself before posting:

  • "Will anybody find this offensive?"
  • "Is this breaking any rules?"
  • "Will this be the basics for a potential flamewar?"
Have fun.

UPDATE: 04/02/06 For heavens sake, stop linking poll topics together as a "series" when they've got nothing to do with each other. Start the topics if you need to, but just don't let them get too pointless, and don't link them all together - they've got nothing to do with each other, and you're simply advertising your other topics.

UPDATE: 13/04/07 You know, I don't care how cool it is to want to leave, or how much "street cred" you think you'll get from creating a leaving topic, stop them now. If you want to leave, then fine, we're not forcing you to be here. If you want to say goodbye to your friends, you probably have their MSN addresses and all that, and you have the PM system. Use those, because the rest of us don't care, and we're sick of people creating goodbye topics just for an ego boost.
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Re: Banned Topics - UPDATED 04/02/06
« Reply #1 on: January 31, 2007, 20:28 »
From this moment on, those "I have reached YYY posts!" topics are limited to topics about multiples of 1000 only. Others are just silly and unnecessarily spam up the forums. Furthermore, reaching a certain amount of posts should not be a goal, and we don't see the point in congratulating people for it or really celebrating it.

If silliness likes this continues, we may just stop these posts completely. For now, they're restricted.
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