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--- Quote from: Lord Raven on June 03, 2016, 05:58 ---did someone just rant about the competitive viability of these pokemon and stating that as a problem cause like

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Looking back, I kinda did, but if they were going to make abilities, why just give solgaleo clear body and give it a snazzy name? Why not just say clear body? Also i'm just saying that giving multiscale to something that basically gets hurt by everything under the sun (not to mention the dark) is flat out hilarious. Plus like I said, i'm just not as big of a fan of solgaleo's typing as the next guy, it just doesn't seem to fit the design as well as something else. Lunala's typing fits, while I would prefer something else for it, psychic/ghost makes sense.

--- Quote from: Lord Raven on June 03, 2016, 05:58 ---what's wrong with sunsteel/moongeist?
yes, because those are old school spellings of Moon and Sun

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-Sunsteel/moongeist just sound really stupid in my opinion, but that seems to just be me. Everyone else likes it, but I really prefer the Japanese names. Once again, that's just me.

-While those may be the old school spellings, it feels as if they could've tried a little harder with the species names, but once again, this is just opinion.

solgaleo/lunala are literally latin names, astrology is a hella ancient concept, but adding e/ne to the end of their types is where you draw the line... right

i agree psychic/steel is... odd though. but no offence... who actually uses the box legendaries? competitively especially. and im sure people will find a way to incorporate them into teams. kinda counting the chickens before they hatch here lads.

besides solgaleo is Spoiler: showsexy so who cares about its typing really

I don't mean the actual pokemon names (Lunala and Solgaleo sound cool tbh), I mean the species names, which are Sunne and Moone. And usually, the box legends in competitive are banned to ubers (save suicune and kyurem-black), so yeah.

but I do agree with you on solgaleo

I like to have hope for gen 7, but then news like this just sorta ruins that hope for me.

The species names and the new moves are the only things I really like about the new legends. Everything else about them, besides their designs, are disappointing.

Rotom Pokedex is pretty cool. Looking forward to seeing where they go with that.

Interested in learning about the professor's assistant though. She seems like an interesting character.


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