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Su/Mo trailer topic - Alolan forms, leaks and more

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not chloe:
Sun/Moon look absolutely wild and I'm not sure if I'm happy abt it?

I know they probably feel like they've got to bring in new features that keep the game fresh but not sure if they're trying too many different things at once. I just really hope that game/battle mechanics don't become endlessly confusing because I already have a hard enough time with it lol

 Kinda gutted with Yungoose's evo ngl, looks a bit like a blond Daryl from TWD.

 It looks super good tho with Litten's nuke thing. Chuffed that Eggbae gets more attention lol.

I'm looking forward to this trial thing- providing it doesn't replace pokemon gyms....

apparently there was also a leak of the final evos that everyone was like "haha that's fake cause litten's evo is just bad furry bait" but it had one of the trials girls on it

so alla yall getting litten i hope u enjoy its final evo LOL

rowlet and popplios final evos tho... nice. good stuff. 100

^About the only one I like from those IS the Litten final evo. I'm rather indifferent to the owl  but I really hope that's not Popplio's final form. Not that it's a deal-breaker or anything, I guess I was just expecting something less... that. Not that it'll prove or disprove anything, but middle evos when?

While I'm being skeptical here, the only gripe I have with the Alolan forms of old Pokemon is the possibility that the actual amount of new Pokemon from Alola is not going to be much more than the new Pokemon from Kalos. I mean, I like the idea, don't get me wrong-- I'm looking forward to discovering new variations of old Pokemon, if more are to be had-- but I really like discovering entirely new species, too.

Kalos' routes felt oversaturated with wild Pokemon to me, and there weren't enough new Pokemon to make it feel like its own region. Here's hoping Sun and Moon strike a balance somehow.


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