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So. I recently deactivated all of my social media accounts.

I was at one point an avid user of tumblr. Deleted that last summer along with an embarrassing twitter account. And then the other day (after watching a documentary on internet privacy) I deleted my remaining Instagram account and closed my Facebook account. I also closed any other remaining internet accounts that I have and if I remember anymore I'll delete those too.

So as of now I only have an account on this forum and a google/gmail account. And a YouTube channel but it's connected to the google account.

So I'm curious to know what others do in terms of social media and how do u feel about having a presence in the digital world.

I'm not addicted to social media, but I AM in love with it - I like finding out about people's opinions and thoughts and the sort of things you just wouldn't ask about in any normal conversation. I also like the way that social media now keeps you quickly updates with news and stuff that you're interested in. I think tumblr in particular is good for using social media to do good as I had the address to my blog on the CV I handed in to sixth form for my tutor to look at a couple of months ago and she actually went to my blog and said that [a book reviewing blog link] in my CV would help me get the sort of job that I wanted. I also use social media a lot for making plans and doing group homework.

Sometimes, though, I go on social media too much and it is a procrastination machine. Some people also say that having social media on our phones is a bad development but I don't think that's true because having social media on my phone with push notifications reduced my need to go on line because I know when something is happening that concerns me, which is good when I'm trying to boycott it to do homework haha.

tumblr 100% of the time

twitter/fb/youtube/instagram/whatever else like .01% of the time

i care about tumblr more because i have better friends there. fb just reminds me of how bitter i am and the rest are just like w/e.

i use facebook, occasionally instagram, and snapchat.

i typically use facebook to keep in touch and as a way to kind of caption my own life so i can look back on it. i hardly text or call and a lot of my friends use facebook groups and stuff to arrange hanging out so it just makes things easier

instagram is for when i take a picture thats decent quality / funny

snapchat is where random moments in my life go to be shared and then promptly die

i think its fun, but some people definitely go nuts with it. i see some of my friends on facebook just go... nuts -- i'm talking 1,000+ friends, and posting stuff every few hours every day. kind of sad, because you wonder how many opportunities for things they're missing out on by spending so much time sitting in front of a screen blowing their friendships and general life activities out of proportion.

I've got a tumblr, Facebook, instagram and snapchat.
I post the most on tumblr, it's my little bubble away from people I know irl where I can be myself. I've had it for almost 4 years this year, thinking of making a new blog but I'm not sure lol. Only just hit 3000 posts the other night.
I only really post good news things or photos on Facebook, don't sit and update my status 6 times a day, usually once or twice a week. Like Liz says it's good to use to talk to friends easily, we had a class pm group which was handy if you were stuck or needed to vent. I only have about 240 friends on it, these are all people I actually know online/offline and I've spoken to. I don't get those people who have like 2000 friends??
I only just made an instagram a few weeks ago, quite like it. I like taking photos anyway ha.
Snapchat is fun and dumb, I tend to use it most when I'm drunk though :u

I did have a Twitter but I deleted it when I realised how petty some people were on it and the passive aggressive tweets were annoying.

I lurk on Facebook more than I post, too much of a time waster sometimes. Same for tumblr.
Also pro tip if you have Facebook a lot of prospective employers look you up now so don't have 1000 photos of you falling out a taxi into your own vomit. Privacy settings are useful in that way. Only thing I dislike is how much Facebook mines information :|
I tend not give my fb out and my tumblr is only posted on forums etc, I don't have it listed on any places like Facebook purely because I like having my own space.


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