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Things you noticed in Doctor Who

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The name master:
Is it an error or something that hard to notice?

I noticed The Master gassed Trump at 1:34!

David Tennant is the tenth Doctor and has ten in his name.

Peter Capaldi is the twelfth Doctor and has twelve letters in his name. (Funny thing is, so does David Tennant, but we'll just ignore that)

Before Harriet Jones became Prime Minister, nobody knew who she was.

Owen Harper is the only member of Torchwood Three that The Doctor never met.

Edit: Didn't realise I double posted.

The reason Rose smiles at the Doctor at the end of the Christmas Invasion when he says "Fantastic!" was not because it was the Ninth Doctor's catchphrase, but because in a deleted scene, he wasn't able to say it at first.

Watch the scene here.

The Hooded Trainer:
In the doctor falls, theres a moment when the doctor remembers his most recent companions, and we flashback to them all shouting "doctor". Among them was clara, who the doctor still has no memory of. Either thats sloppy writing, or a hint that this regenerations restoring some of his lost memories.

The name master:
I'll let this video I made explain!

In The Idiot's Lantern, Rita Connolly's mum is called Grandma Connolly in the credits. Since Rita's surname is from her marriage to Eddie, her mum's surname should be different.


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