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The Entertainer:
Move-Flash Burst
40% of causing confusion
Description-The user travels at maximum speed which harshly raises speed but may cause confusion.

[Move name] Narcolepsy
[Type] Ghost
[Power] ---
[Accuracy] 80
[Status/Special/Physical] Status
[PP] 5
[Description] A trigger is hit in the opponent's mind, changing all status effects that hit them to Sleep.

[Move name] Astral Rain
[Type] Rock
[Power] 120
[Accuracy] 100
[Status/Special/Physical] Physical
[PP] 10
[Description] Predicts meteor movement one turn, and summons a meteor storm the next.

[Move name] Tidal Wave
[Type] Water
[Power] 50
[Accuracy] 100
[Status/Special/Physical] Physical
[PP] 20
[Description] Hits with a weak wave, washing the opponent back and forcing a switch.

Oh wow! Some of you have made some awesome new moves (I say some because not all have been appropriate. Heed my warnings people! If you must, re-read my first post in this forum, last line. I read all posts in my topics, and I don't tolerate rudeness. I have a mind to report people >:()!

Keh! Keep up the good work! I especially like Exodus's! Goin' out all the way huh?  :yeswink: Nice moves!

Great work people! I'll be logging back on to check again! Keep those ideas flowing!

Name: Iceburn
Type: Ice
Power: None
20 PP
--- Inflicts enemy with a burn which will inflict more damage depending on their type resistance to ice, and the weather.

Sanky | Lookin' for rule 20 - GSC Style!:
[Move name]Confuse power
[Type] Psychic
[Power] -
[Acc] -
[Status/Special/Physical] Status
[PP] 10
[Description]Raises Special Attack three stages, but confuses all Pokémon in battle.


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