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Trainer Dave:
Well look at this; a new board!

I'm just wondering what everyone else is currently reading through?

Currently i've got 'The World According to Clarkson' out of the Library. It's pretty good, although he does carry on a bit...

...since not every book needs it's own topic.

Anyone else?

The only books I have got are Clarkson ones, but the only things I read are text messages, teletext and writing on websites and stuff at school.

Inkheart series.

They aren't that bad, just in some parts the book rambles on and on and it repeats stuff. Tons of stuff. >.< I'm on the third one, Inkdeath, and I only have like 200 more pages and I'm finished. ^.^

After finishing Inkdeath, I've just started re-reading the Harry Potter series.

I'm also re-reading The Catcher In The Rye ready for English mocks, The Cruicible for Drama and The Time Traveller's Wife.

I'm gonna re-read the Old Kingdom trilogy when I'm done with those, and my lovely Chemistry revision guide. It makes for some really good bedtime reading, it truly does.

I just finished reading my Pita-Ten manga, so I should be rereading it in a few weeks/months. Other than that, I'm not reading anything... I might reread my Magical X Miracles manga or my KH manga...


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